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  1. Converting SB4 scripts
  2. Browse for file
  3. SB4 Standard
  4. Deploy and MSDE app
  5. test
  6. Install just shortcuts if it finds our programs
  7. WebSetup feature
  8. Remember Installation Folder Between Installs?
  9. Remember Installation Folder Between Installs?
  10. Force reboot, continue install
  11. Passing value to scripts
  12. How to use Compiler directives
  13. Launching my app at end of installation
  14. Conversion from SB4
  15. Uninstaller questions--HELP URL
  16. Installable as a ZIP
  17. Uninstall Program Folder
  18. Scripting Editor Macro Capability?
  19. Setting Registry Key
  20. Changing Service Start Property
  21. Passing a Constant or Variable Name to Install File(s)
  22. Product Code/GUID Search/Extraction
  23. How do check for "in use" files?
  24. Setting up an Error Log File
  25. How to set debug breakpoints
  26. Best spot to place code in script
  27. Best way to restore deleted files if install is aborted?
  28. How do I insert a line?
  29. Default Radio Buttons (Dialog)
  30. #include and compiler variable
  31. Displaying an Image During Installation
  32. MessageBox + Checkbox Option
  33. Can I set an expiry date for the EXE?
  34. Positioning a Dialog
  35. Reboot & Continue, but oops, media has been removed
  36. Checking hardware requirements
  37. Complex options....
  38. Producing Installers that span Multiple CD/DVD's???
  39. Selecting a Feature on a script
  40. Installing Files from external folder not linked into the installer
  41. Is it possible to launch an application that is the actual install disk
  42. Windows Event Log
  43. Converting a String to an Integer
  44. Extracting hostname from mapped drive variable
  45. Floating Point Arithmetic
  46. Import Project from version 4
  47. Checkbox on a finish dialog
  48. Set Variable - Bitwise OR
  49. Product Icon
  50. Lisense Agreement
  51. How to copy files from install CD
  52. Instr case insensitive
  53. Biboard
  54. How do i upgrade from version 5 to 6
  55. How to change the installer language without showing the language dialog
  56. Install file with different name?
  57. Write a text file with embedded variables
  58. Questions (evaluating setup builder)
  59. Compiler variables in #include directive
  60. CPU feature flags
  61. Application Manifest for VISTA
  62. Set the install directory default for the Select Install Folder Dialog
  63. Install a feature from another feature?
  64. Languages with different character sets on the same system
  65. Dr
  66. Syntax for calling DLL functions
  67. Conditionals in the Lopp Wizard?
  68. Patching and compiler variables?
  69. Zeroth time around the wizard loop?
  70. Specify Setup Type on Command Line
  71. Install a file with diff names
  72. Ron
  73. Encrypt in the ini file
  74. How to define a variable?
  75. How to receive a value from a dll?
  76. Silent Install without rebooting
  77. Can I get the version number from a file?
  78. What happens when I code-sign an installation?
  79. The run directive
  80. Dialogue text according to release
  81. Licence agreement and language support
  82. Purpose of product GUID
  83. Scriptable uninstall / Code-signed uninstall?
  84. Disabled checkboxes?
  85. A buglet????
  86. A couple of multilingual questions
  87. Multilingual follow-up
  88. Place shortcuts in common (or not) based on "feature"
  89. Has Any Used SB6Dev to install Borland BDE?
  90. How do I save selected features between installs
  91. Multilingual problems on uninstall!
  92. Move SB6 to a NEW computer?
  93. How to add a Serial Number?
  94. Ready to install window
  95. Select Destination Folder window
  96. Best way to move a 5.0 project to 6.5
  97. Can't create directory. Why?
  98. Distribute compile to CD
  99. Problems creating EULA RTF file
  100. Upgrading from SB5.5 to SB6.5
  101. Last character of string?
  102. .Net Framework and SQLExpress direct download
  103. Timed compiler message box?
  104. Only install one time
  105. Control IDs???
  106. Run Program - Redirect Stdout Stderr
  107. Vista Security Issues after Install
  108. iDeploy problem
  109. make a custom serial dialog
  110. Exclude an ini from the uninstall?
  111. Clarion 3rd party howto
  112. Display a dialog while SQL 2005 is installing
  113. Finish loses title if setup is cancelled
  114. How to create a MSI?
  115. .Net Framework 3.5
  116. Find *.jkl files
  117. Add Scheduled Task starting today
  118. How To Change list of files to install based on release?
  119. Create Folder for data files
  120. Don't include in uninstaller?
  121. Command Line Compiles
  122. How to create and then set permissions on a folder?
  123. Don't order Comodo Certificate from a VISTA machine
  124. XP Installs with "User" Privileges
  125. Installing Visual Basic 6 Support Files
  126. Adding date to EXENAME
  127. No uninstall.exe installed during web installation
  128. Online Registration
  129. Firefox Comodo Code-signing Information
  130. Have users specify alternate install location
  131. Sharing a Folder across a WORKGROUP
  132. Handling Quotes
  133. How to enable rollback
  134. Reboot and Continue
  135. 32/64 -bit Hybrid installations.
  136. Releases and Web Install/Update
  137. Set Compiler Variable [OUTPUTDIR] problem
  138. Run mySQL scripts during install
  139. Releases and Compiler Variables
  140. Wupdate not detecting need for shutdown.
  141. Web Update Questions
  142. Shortcuts
  143. How do Releases work?
  144. Run Program Function
  145. Tooltip in Program Group
  146. Configurable Include scripts.
  147. More #include scripts.
  148. How to read a REG_MULTI_SZ registry string
  149. Resume after 3rd party installer reboot
  150. Hyperlink in standard dialog
  151. How do I delete a registry key before resetting it
  152. How do I install a subset of the VS redistributables?
  153. How do I Find All Shortcuts to a File Name
  154. Alpha releases
  155. Stopping and Starting a Pervasive Database Engine
  156. Stopping and Starting a Pervasive Database Engine
  157. How do I get the local drive from a UNC setting?
  158. How do I detect when admin is installing?
  159. How do I add horizontal scrollbar to list box
  160. Choosing from a List Box Dialog
  161. Vista and DEP
  162. Install Printer
  163. How do I install a MS SQL Database?
  164. Install Service With SQL Dependency
  165. Vista Fonts driving me crazy
  166. How to uninstall other MSI installers
  167. How do I check if file exists in the install folder
  168. "streaming" users with autoupdates
  169. Ini import / Refresh
  170. Disable Language Selection
  171. Silent Uninstall
  172. How to detect patch mode
  173. activate / deactivate features
  174. Password protect end user Installer run
  175. Edit INI File without sections
  176. check for file existence after Install Folder
  177. SB6 - How to Add "conditional" folders to an install
  178. Help with error message while running a test.
  179. SBMSI missing
  180. Trouble with command line build (sbuilder.exe)
  181. Deleting a file after installation...
  182. Do Billboards require the installer background?
  183. Desktop shortcut problem on windows vista
  184. Is there a way to exclude folders
  185. Using a Virtual Machine to run SB6 is failing!
  186. Pass %_SB_INSTDIR% to custom dll cal by SB6
  187. Command-line Install
  188. Multiple Checkboxes.
  189. SQL Server 2008
  190. Finish Dialog question.
  191. Can we order a Comodo certificate from Vista yet?
  192. Implement changes to Environment Variables
  193. Set temp location or Custom EXE Stub?
  194. Uninstalling services
  195. Uninstall previous version.
  196. Set Access Control
  197. How do I install to CSIDL_COMMON_DOCUMENTS
  198. How to SET Control
  199. How to access item on custom dialog
  200. Can SB turn off DEP?
  201. Web Updating
  202. Read Shortcut Properties
  203. Vista Permission Problem
  204. Check a value from a webpage
  205. MSM imports availability
  206. Embeb UAC Manifest
  207. Run setup.exe in silent mode and provide responses to dialogs
  208. Uninstalling application
  209. Blue and Yellow Shield in Front of the Icons.
  210. .Net Framework 2 on XP ServicePack 3
  211. Display a Folder
  212. Create a .lnk file
  213. run 64-bit program from a 32-bit mode program
  214. WuCheck
  215. What's the best web hosting company?
  216. Webupdate methodology
  217. SetupBuilder and Code-Signing
  218. How do I remove the Quick Launch checkboxes for Windows 7?
  219. Releases and Differing Sets of Files
  220. Set Icon for created installer EXE
  221. Check your Code-Signing Certificate Expiry Date!
  222. Detect Terminal Server Install
  223. Setting file permissions using SID
  224. Creating a shortcut to an Install on a network path
  225. Skip Wizard step
  226. How do I check file in use and spot that it is a permissions issue
  227. Restart a service on exit
  228. Open a windows 'Save File' dialog
  229. How do I detect if SQL Express 2005 is already installed?
  230. Copy - Paste item from one script to another
  231. CSIDL for Public folder
  232. how do i get error details from running a sql script?
  233. Check for Adobe Flash and run installer if missing
  234. How do I detect the Clarion build number?
  235. iDeploy on Web server using secure certificate
  236. Conditional Creation of Shortcut on Desktop
  237. Check to see if file already exists?
  238. Compile .exe description and company name
  239. Is it possible to use the same dialog twice?
  240. Version Control
  241. Setting User Environment Variables
  242. SB6 to SB7 Digital Certificate Not Found
  243. MSM Merge Module Import Availablility
  244. Evaluating SB and Wise
  245. Installation logic
  246. HKLM writing and reading in Windows 7
  247. Helpfile for my installers
  248. Server and client setup in one exe
  249. Question about clarion version.
  250. How do I enter large paragraphs of text into the dialogs