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09-03-2004, 09:39 AM
Hi all,

SB5 Beta 5.0.883 is released.



If you compile your older projects with this new SB5 release, the compiler gives an GEN1033 error.

Please change in all SetupBuilder 5 projects:

#pragma MINVER = 5.0.801


#pragma MINVER = 5.0.883


- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 883 (September 03, 2004)

IMPORTANT : Please use "Update String Resources..." to update your old scripts!


FEATURE : Add support for LANSRAD RegKISS/SoftDefense (www.lansrad.com)
FEATURE : Add Script Debugger
FEATURE : Add "scriptable" uninstaller
FEATURE : Add Dynamic Scanning Wizard
FEATURE : Add Import Zip Archive Wizard
FEATURE : Add a "Quick Menu" feature to get through the modes very quickly without having to use the VIEW menu item or the Project Explorer
FEATURE : Menu bar Tools|Options...: Add "Sort script item panel alphabetically" to sort the script item panel alphabetically, rather than by type
FEATURE : "Get Special Folder Path" script item: add CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA folder id
FEATURE : Add "Check HTTP Connection" script item. Please specify a fully qualified URL, e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com/index.htm
FEATURE : Add "Post to HTTP Server" script item. Please specify a fully qualified URL, e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-sys/testmail.pl
FEATURE : Add "Edit Environment Variable" script item
FEATURE : Add "Register Clarion Templates" script item
FEATURE : Add "Detect Acrobat Reader Version.sbi" include script to detect if, and which version of Acrobat Reader is installed on the target machine
FEATURE : Add "Init Clarion Template Registration.sbi" include script
FEATURE : Add "Default Uninstall.sbi" include script
FEATURE : Get System Info: add Get Pentium Processor Type function
FEATURE : Get System Info: add Get Screen Saver Status function
FEATURE : General Settings -> Advanced: add Disable Screen Saver During Install
FEATURE : Add File Properties dialog box to the source files list
FEATURE : Add "#run..." script management item to execute programs during the compilation process
FEATURE : Add "Zip Files" script item (powered by LSZip)
FEATURE : Add "Unzip Files" script item (powered by LSZip)
FEATURE : Add support for Windows File Protection
IMPROVEMENT: Script Editor: Add shift+downarrow/shift+uparrow multi selection capability
IMPROVEMENT: Script Editor: Add duplicate script item(s) capability
IMPROVEMENT: Script Editor: Add ability to use ctrl+c, ctrl+x, and ctrl+v
IMPROVEMENT: Script Editor: associated SB5 include files are automatically opened with visual tabs to navigate between include scripts
IMPROVEMENT: Add Select File dialog resources
IMPROVEMENT: Uninstaller can rollback "Edit Environment Variable" commands
IMPROVEMENT: System Requirements - Hardware Checking - Processor: Add Pentium II, Pentium III, and Pentium IV processor detection
IMPROVEMENT: Add msctfime.ime (Microsoft Text Frame Work Service IME) to the Dynamic/Static Scan filter list
IMPROVEMENT: Add xpsp1res.dll and xpsp2res.dll to the Dynamic/Static Scan filter list. These DLLs store strings, dialog templates and other localised items new to those service packs.
IMPROVEMENT: "Detect Clarion Versions Demo 1.sb5" script demonstrates how to get the Clarion IDE file name
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Detect Clarion Versions Demo 2.sb5" example script
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Clarion Template Registration Demo.sb5" example script
IMPROVEMENT: Add Script Editor button to the toolbar
IMPROVEMENT: Add user defined SetupScript syntax coloring
IMPROVEMENT: Options: Add "Disable timed 'pop-out'" option to General Tab
IMPROVEMENT: Quick Menu: add icons to the popup menu
IMPROVEMENT: Get File Information: add "File Protection Status" function
IMRPOVEMENT: Script Editor displays additional file properties options (Shared, TrueType, SelfReg, ClarionTpl)
IMRPOVEMENT: Compiler: Add "GEN1037: Missing custom dialog type" warning
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Unregister OCX/DLL" script item
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Text File Operations..." script item
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Create Unique Backup File..." script item. % SB_RETURN% variable holds the created backup file name
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Uninstall Script Demo 1.sb5" example script (makes use of the "Uninstall Demo.sbi" include demo script)
CHANGE : MINVER pragma increased to 5.0.883
CHANGE : Recompiled with Clarion 6.1 Production Release (Hotfix 9027)
CHANGE : Folder IDs in "Get Special Folder Path" dialog are sorted alphabetically
CHANGE : Combo Box Dialog: combo box item sort feature disabled
CHANGE : Script Editor: Removed the warning when moving a script line into another script section
CHANGE : Menu items and toolbar buttons are disabled/enabled when opening/closing a project
CHANGE : Retrieve in "Get System Info" dialog are sorted alphabetically
CHANGE : Register OCXs/DLLs Setting: browse button opens internal "Browse For File..." dialog
FIX : File Properties: "Use Original File Attributes" and "OS Independent" check boxes were not working as expected
FIX : "If File/Folder Statement" could not be deleted
FIX : Under some circumstances script modifications were not detected and the "Do you want to save changes" event was not fired
FIX : The menu bar Tools|Options...: Prompt to save was not working as expected
FIX : The menu bar File|Recent Projects was not working as expected
FIX : "Call DLL Function" script item: *string parameter type worked incorrectly
FIX : Script Editor: Did not save higlighted script item when leaving the script editor
FIX : Installer: Edit 1/2/3 Prompt ID text fields were too small
FIX : Script Editor: Copy in the script editor did not allow to paste several times
FIX : Create Shortcut to Desktop did not work
FIX : Compiler did not catch the old %COMMON_FILES_FOLDER% variable
FIX : Installer did not skip Administrator Rights checking on Windows 95/98/ME systems
FIX : Select File dialog was not working as expected
FIX : "Get Registry Key Value" script item was not working as expected
FIX : Add "RegistryRun Entry" and "Add RegistryRunOnce Entry" script tems worked incorrectly
FIX : Run Program: ShellExecute option was not working as expected
FIX : File Properties: when opening dialog from the script editor, checkboxes worked incorrectly
FIX : Compiler: Access to variables defined in Include Scripts can be incorrect
FIX : Compiler: Possible stack problem on Windows 9x machines
FIX : New projects were sometimes not addeded to the Recent Projects list
FIX : Compiler: detection of some standard installer variables was not working as expected
FIX : Installer: Browse for Folder dialog loaded wrong string resource
FIX : Possible problem with projects located on a shared network drive after changing the current project tab
FIX : Compiler: pointed to an incorrect line number in include scripts if compiler detected an error



09-04-2004, 05:56 AM
Unfortunately, a last minute setup compiler modification breaks web installations. We have fixed this now and we'll make a hotfix available on Monday.

The following will also be part of the hotfix:


IMPROVEMENT: Web installer displays a download progress bar
FIX : Web install did not work
FIX : Some web servers returned an error code 400 when using long file names