View Full Version : SetupBuilder 5 Beta (build #886)

09-06-2004, 10:38 AM
Hi all,

SB5 Beta 5.0.886 is released.



- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 886 (September 06, 2004)

IMPORTANT : Please use "Project|Update String Resources..." to update the string resources in your old SB5 scripts!


IMPROVEMENT: Web installer displays a download progress bar when downloading files over the Internet
IMPROVEMENT: Add "3rd Status Text" to the Progress Dialog: Status Text..." script item
IMPROVEMENT: Double-clicking on the generated uninstall exe opens a file dialog to select an uninstall log file
IMPROVEMENT: Add new string resources
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Uninstall Shortcut" item to Shortcuts Expert
IMPROVEMENT: IDE can support 800x600 (and larger) resolutions
IMPROVEMENT: Add Side8.bmp and Top7.bmp bitmaps
FIX : Web install did not work
FIX : Some web servers returned an error code 400 when using long file names
FIX : "Check HTTP Connection" script item was not working as expected
FIX : Compiler reported an "variable not defined error" if a variable in "Check HTTP Connection" was not previously defined
FIX : %SYSDIR% variable was not initialized properly
FIX : Script Editor did not display the line number correctly if a script had more than 9999 lines