View Full Version : SetupBuilder 5 Beta (build #890)

09-10-2004, 10:08 AM
Hi all,

SB5 Beta 5.0.890 is released.



- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 890 (September 10, 2004)


FEATURE : Add "Convert Source Paths" function
FIX : Minor Script Editor fixes
FIX : Several compiler fixes
FIX : Several DLL calling interface fixes
CHANGE : #pragma MINVER in Standard.sb5 template script updated
CHANGE : Call DLL Function: you have to put double quotes around *CSTRING, STRING, CHAR for function parameters
CHANGE : Constant name: the $ symbol is not part of the constant name, but rather a marker that tells SetupScript to replace the constant's name with its value before executing the command. If you want to include an actual $ character in your script, use $$