View Full Version : SetupBuilder 5 Beta (build #893)

09-13-2004, 10:13 AM
Hi all,

SB5 Beta 5.0.893 is released.



- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 893 (September 13, 2004)


FEATURE : Add the menu bar File|Zip As...
FEATURE : Script Editor: add zip current project capability
IMPROVEMENT: Run Programs: add "Hide Window" option to hide DOS box.
IMPROVEMENT: Set Constant: add Prompt for Value, Get Value from compiler command line and Get Value from INI file
IMPROVEMENT: Set Constant: add "Prompt for Value", "Get Value from compiler command line" and "Get Value from INI file" options
IMPROVEMENT: Set Preprocessor Statement: add "Get Value from INI file" option
IMPROVEMENT: Recursive compiler variable expansion
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Read Constant from INI Demo.sb5" script demonstrates how to read constant values from an INI file and use the values in variables
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Create Text File" to "Text File Operations..." script item
IMPROVEMENT: #ifdef: add Equals (Ignore Case), Not Equals, Not Equals (Ignore Case), Less Than, Less Than or Equals, Greater Than, Greater Than or Equals
FIX : "Check Service" script item could not be deleted
FIX : The menu bar File|Send Project to Recycle Bin... was not working as expected
FIX : Several compiler fixes
FIX : "Text File Operations..." script item was not working as expected
CHANGE : Minor cosmetic IDE modifications
CHANGE : Installer tries to remove read-only attribute before replacing file
CHANGE : Uninstaller tries to remove read-only attribute before replacing file