View Full Version : SetupBuilder 5 Beta (build #945) HOTFIX

11-04-2004, 10:05 AM
SB5 Beta 5.0.945 (hotfix) is released.



- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 945 November 04, 2004)


IMPROVEMENT: The SB5 IDE window's location is stored and will open in that position the next time the IDE is started.
FIX : Under certain circumstances the Shortcut Properties dialog was not working as expected
FIX : The "Edit Environment Variable..." script item did not resolve the variable name
FIX : Dialog Expert: Canceling a "Define Wizard Dialog" action "locked" the Script Editor
FIX : "Register Font" script item displayed as "Unknown Command (41)" in the Script Editor
FIX : Under certain circumstances Move Up/Down in the Script Editor was not working as expected (not code complete yet)