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11-30-2004, 10:23 AM
SB5 Beta 5.0.971 is released.

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- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 971 November 30, 2004)


FEATURE : Add iDeploy WebUpdate support
FEATURE : Add "Include WebUpdate Client..." script item
FEATURE : The wUpdate Client executable is compiled from a SetupScript. In the Redist\1033 directory within the SetupBuilder Installation System application directory, you'll find the installation script that compiles it (wupdate.sb5). Make a backup of the directory before you modify anything
FEATURE : Add "Delete ODBC Data Source..." script item
FEATURE : Add "SoftVelocity IP Data Server.sbi" include script to distribute the SoftVelocity IP Data Server
FEATURE : Add "Update Version Local Number..." script item to update the local version number on the user's computer after applying a web update installation image
IMPROVEMENT: Uninstaller can automatically stop/remove services
IMPROVEMENT: "Create Service..." script item supports Service Description parameter
IMPROVEMENT: Add [SV_IPDATASERVER] compiler variable to support SoftVelocity IP Data Server distribution
IMPROVEMENT: Add [SB5_BIN] compiler variable
IMPROVEMENT: Add compiler variable support in General Settings -> Version Resource
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Compiler Variables" button to the Toolbar
IMPROVEMENT: Install ODBC Driver: add vertical scroll bar to Data Source Attributes Add "Compiler Variables"
IMPROVEMENT: Configure Data Source: add vertical scroll bar to Data Source Attributes Add "Compiler Variables"
IMPROVEMENT: Add option to the "Terminate Active Process" script item to gently close an application
IMPROVEMENT: Find... function searches not only the visible text in the script lines, but also the parameters and options in the configuration dialogs associated with each script line. If you don't see your search text in the found script line, double-click the line to see the text
IMPROVEMENT: Ctrl+F hot key combination opens "Find Text in Script" dialog
IMPROVEMENT: F3 hot key searches for next text
FIX : Script Editor lost Feature names when switching to an Include script
FIX : Under certain circumstances the Shortcut Properties dialog was not working as expected
FIX : Multi-monitor support was not working as expected
FIX : Under certain circumstances the IDE and installer displayed a "Buffer overrun detected!" message box
FIX : Whether you selected "Add Shared Resource" or "Delete Shared Resource", they both showed "Add Shared Resource" in the script view
FIX : Compiler did not detect unreferenced Library variable in "Call DLL Function" script item
FIX : Compiler problems when first parameter in a "Call DLL Function" was a string
FIX : An installer containing only one dialog could cause a stack fault
FIX : "Set Control Properties..." script item did not work on first wizard dialog
FIX : "Add RegistryRunOnce Entry..." script item was not working as expected
FIX : "Reboot/Restart System..." script item displayed as "Unknown Command (52)" in the Script Editor
FIX : Disabling a project password was not working as expected
FIX : Under certain circumstances the "Edit Environment Variable" operation dropdown had duplicate entries
FIX : "If File/Folder Statement" Path was limited to 50 characters
FIX : Advanced Service Properties were not working as expected
FIX : Under some circumstances text and message modifications were not detected and the "Do you want to save changes" event was not fired
FIX : "Copy Folder Tree" script item could not be deleted
FIX : ODBC DSN deinstallation was not working as expected
FIX : ODBC Driver deinstallation was not working as expected
CHANGE : Create Shortcut function creates program folders if the target folder does not exist
CHANGE : The %_SB_INSTALLDIR% variable in the uninstaller points to the location where the uninstall executable is located in
CHANGE : Compiler variable value is allowed to be empty
CHANGE : The toolbar button for "General Information" opened a new window with the "General Settings". This seemed a bit inconsistent. The "General Information" toolbar button the "General Settings" view
CHANGE : "Include Support File..." script item moved to the "General Installer Functions" section
CHANGE : Configure ODBC Data Source: Data Source Attributes can be empty
CHANGE : Configure ODBC Data Source: Data Source Name field replaces DSN= attribute
CHANGE : MINVER pragma increased to 5.0.967



1. Please use "Project|Update String Resources..." to update the string resources in your older SB5 scripts!

2. Please change MINVER pragma to 5.0.967 in your older projects!



We have added a few more fixes to the web update client, and want to be able to test it over the next 2-3 days. The web update technology is already fully integrated. We'll post a "How to build a web update application..." on Thursday.

You cannot use the "Check for Updates..." IDE function in the current build



1. Create your installation script
2. Go to the "Compiler Variables" screen
3. Double click the "[SV_IPDATASERVER] compiler variable
4. Enter the location of your original IP Data Server files, e.g. C:\ClarionDataServer
5. Press OK
6. Go to the Script Editor
7. Add the new "SoftVelocity IP Data Server.sbi" include script to your project using the #include Script Management command. For example, add it to the [ Modify System ] section
8. Compile your script

The new include script makes it possible to automatically uninstall the IP Data Server (stop/remove service).