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10-19-2009, 11:55 PM
SetupBuilder 7.0 Build 2754 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of SetupBuilder 7.0 Build 2754.
This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance subscription plan. The update
contains some important bug fixes and improvements. We strongly recommend
that all customers upgrade to the new version of SetupBuilder 7.0 as soon as
possible to maintain the highest level of support, performance and

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at sales@lindersoft.com.

SetupBuilder 7.0 Build 2754 (October 19, 2009)

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Server Manifest File" in the "iDeploy Web Update
Properties" can be defined through a Compiler Variable now.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: In the Debugger, a pop up tool tip can show the entire
line when the mouse hovers over it in the Debug variable list.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Edit field with browse button" Entry Type to the
SKU Management Configuration (Compiler Variables).

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The compiler can detect an empty executable name

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#910162] IDE: The "Icon Index" browse button in the
Shortcut Properties support a new Pick Icon dialog.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Icon Number" browse button in the "Add/Remove
Programs" General Properties support a new Pick Icon dialog.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#910191] IDE: Store the state of the Standard/Custom
Script Functions list option in the Script Editor.

FIX : [SB#910071] Installer: The installer generated an invalid
uninstall executable when the "Custom (for UAC-aware systems)"
Media Type option was enabled and if there was a file
installation function defined before the "Set Installation Log
Mode" script function.

FIX : [SB#910072] IDE: Possible uninstaller code-signing issue for
installation >400 MB.

FIX : Installer: Focus problem when using "Wizard: Set Control
Properties (Select Text)" in a Custom Wizard Dialog.

FIX : [SB#910161] UnInstaller: Reboot messages displayed the
installer text resource.

FIX : Removing a "section" from the Custom Script Functions list in
the script editor removed all items from the list.

CHANGE : IDE: Renamed "Include Web Update Client..." script function to
"Install Web Update Client...".

CHANGE : IDE: New scripts created via New | Blank Script... have the
"Open in Script Editor mode" option enabled by default now.

REGRESSION : Installer: Possible 5 seconds delay when updating an existing


The full history list can be obtained through the following link:

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