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03-01-2010, 08:57 AM

This message is to let you know that we have just made SetupBuilder 7.2
Build 2888 "Development Build" available. There are important changes
and improvements in this build, so your feedback is especially important
at this stage!

Please DO NOT use the "Check for Help Updates" because this pre-release
already comes with a newer online documentation.

We expect to make the final release of SetupBuilder 7.2 available by the end
of this week.

If you would like to get access to SetupBuilder "Development Builds"
(pre-releases), please send your serial number to sales@lindersoft.com. A
current maintenance and support plan subscription is required.

The latest "Development Build" is always available at:

SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 2888 (March 01, 2010) **PRE-RELEASE**

FEATURE : Add "Create Named Mutex..." script function to create a named
mutex object.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#002172] Installer: Add new internal "wizard event handling"
module to prevent possible "dead-lock" issues when external
(installer) applications are launched with the "Wait" option

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Show Window" option to the "Run Command Line" script

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "IP Address" control in a custom wizard dialog
is also supported on Windows 2000 now.

IMPROVEMENT: Add new $EVENT:ONREOPEN$ event for custom wizard dialogs. This
event is fired if a custom wizard dialog is "re-opened".

IMPROVEMENT: Add support for .NET Framework 4.0 (full and client install)

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: "Run Windows Installer (MSI)..." script function does not
require double quotes around the Installer Name if the file
specifies a long filename.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#002231] IDE: Add TIME macro to the "#const..." compiler
directive. The following time pictures are supported:

Picture Format Result

TIME hh:mm:ssXM 5:30:00PM
TIME@T1 hh:mm 17:30
TIME@T2 hhmm 1730
TIME@T3 hh:mmXM 5:30PM
TIME@T03 hh:mmXM 05:30PM
TIME@T4 hh:mm:ss 17:30:00
TIME@T5 hhmmss 173000
TIME@T6 hh:mm:ssXM 5:30:00PM

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The DATE macro in "#const..." compiler directive supports
the following date pictures:

Picture Format Result

DATE@D1 mm/dd/yy 10/31/59
DATE@D2 mm/dd/yyyy 10/31/1959
DATE@D5 dd/mm/yy 31/10/59
DATE@D6 dd/mm/yyyy 31/10/1959
DATE@D9 yy/mm/dd 59/10/31
DATE@D11 yymmdd 591031
DATE@D12 yyyymmdd 19591031
DATE@D13 mm/yy 10/59
DATE@D14 mm/yyyy 10/1959
DATE@D15 yy/mm 59/10
DATE@D16 yyyy/mm 1959/10

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#002241] IDE: If an include script supports "Include Script
Compiler Variable Configuration" and the Script field in the
"#include script..." properties includes a compiler variable,
the variable is resolved now and gives access to the
configuration list.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#002242] IDE: The bitmap file locations in the Installer
Style "General Properties" can be set via compiler variables
in an include script.


IMPROVEMENT: Add Bitwise AND, Bitwise XOR and Bitwise OR to the "Set
Variable(Ex) "Arithmetic & Bitwise" operation.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Move file" option to the "#copy file(s)" compiler

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add runtime variable name validity verification to the

langID statement. One of the following language codes are

0x0401 Arabic
0x0402 Bulgarian
0x0403 Catalan
0x0404 Traditional Chinese
0x0405 Czech
0x0406 Danish
0x0407 German
0x0408 Greek
0x040A Castilian Spanish
0x040B Finnish
0x040C French
0x040D Hebrew
0x040E Hungarian
0x040F Icelandic
0x0410 Italian
0x0411 Japanese
0x0412 Korean
0x0413 Dutch
0x0414 Norwegian Bokmal
0x0810 Swiss Italian
0x0813 Belgian Dutch
0x0814 Norwegian Nynorsk
0x0415 Polish
0x0416 Portuguese (Brazil)
0x0417 Rhaeto-Romanic
0x0418 Romanian
0x0419 Russian
0x041A Croato-Serbian (Latin)
0x041B Slovak
0x041C Albanian
0x041D Swedish
0x041E Thai
0x041F Turkish
0x0420 Urdu
0x0421 Bahasa
0x0804 Simplified Chinese
0x0807 Swiss German
0x0809 U.K. English
0x080A Spanish (Mexico)
0x080C Belgian French
0x0C0C Canadian French
0x100C Swiss French
0x0816 Portuguese (Portugal)
0x081A Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic)

The default is 0x0409 = U.S. English

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Detect missing variables in Custom Wizard Dialogs

FIX : [SB#002041] IDE: "#ftp upload..." problem when uploading to the
root of a FTP server. The uploaded file with an "SB7_t_m_p"
added to the file name stayed in the FTP folder indefinitely.

FIX : [SB#002091] Installer: "Handle Text File Operations" added an
EOL (end-of-line) to the end of a file.

FIX : [SB#002092] IDE: Possible (silent) buffer overrun in the
compiler if the "Title", "Heading" or "Subheading" in a "Custom
Wizard Dialog" was > 100 bytes.

FIX : [SB#002093] Installer: Depending on specific circumstances, the
"Refresh Next Dialog" script function blocked event processing
for controls in a "Custom Wizard Dialog".

FIX : Installer: The "Combo Box" control in a custom wizard dialog
did not show the "down list" on Windows 2000 machines.

FIX : [SB#002111] Installer: ENTRY type fields in a "Custom Wizard
Dialog" did not receive update events.

FIX : [SB#002121] Installer: ENTRY type fields in a "Custom Wizard
Dialog" processed '\n' as newline command even when the
Multiline control option was disabled.

FIX : [SB#002171] IDE: Typo in the "Compiler Variables" Visualizer.

FIX : [SB#002161] Installer: The function for calculating horizontal
pixel extents of strings on List Boxes did not work correctly.

FIX : [SB#002162] Installer: The WS_VSCROLL style flags was not set
in the "Ready to Install" dialog.

FIX : Installer: The HS_VSCROLL style flags was not set in the "List
Box" dialog.

FIX : [SB#002163] IDE: Possible buffer overrun in the "Edit INI
File..." script function in combination with the "file://"

FIX : IDE: The "file://" macro in the "Edit INI File..." script
function continued even when the defined file was not found.

FIX : [SB#002191] Installer: When using the "Download File (HTTP)..."
script function multiple times, only the first file name was
displayed in the "Progress Dialog".

FIX : [SB#002151] Installer: Running the installer in 64-bit mode on
Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 displayed all Edit Box control
"grayed out". [SB#002172] fixes this.

FIX : [SB#002233] IDE: Possible issue when a new project was created
and the currently opened project asked for a save.

FIX : [#SB002245] IDE: Possible installer data integrity verification
issue when using the "Installer Integrity Check" option in
combination with code-signing and the installer size was
>999,999,999 bytes.

FIX : Minor fixes in the Script Editor.

FIX : [SB#002261] Installer: Possible LOOP problem when using the
"Number of iterations" option in two or consecutive LOOPs.

FIX : [SB#002261] Installer: Possible problem when using an empty
variable (which receives the result of this function) in the
"Radio Buttons" dialog.

CHANGE : [SB#002042] IDE: Modifications in the resizing strategy to fix
issues when the Windows "Show window contents while dragging"
option is enabled.

CHANGE : [SB#002181] IDE: Prevent access to the "Features" selection
list in the "Create Shortcut..." script function.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor cosmetic modifications.

CHANGE : [SB#002232] Updated "Standard.sbi" include script template.

CHANGE : IDE: The value of read-only compiler variables can't be changed
programmatically from the script.

CHANGE : [#SB002244] IDE: If the INI file or INI item in the "#get
ini..." compiler directive is not found, the information in the
Default Value field will be placed into the variable.

CHANGE : IDE: If the registry information in the "#get registry..."
compiler directive is not found, the information in the Default
Value field will be placed into the variable.

CHANGE : Rename "#delete file..." to "#delete file(s)..."

CHANGE : Rename "#copy file..." to "#copy file(s)..."

CHANGE : Rename "#zip file..." to "#zip file(s)..."

CHANGE : Rename the "Set Variable(Ex)..." Evaluate Expression operation
to Arithmetic & Bitwise.

CHANGE : Recompiled wupdate.exe web update client.

CHANGE : Recompiled wucheck.exe web update check client.

REGRESSION : [#SB002251] IDE: The standard "Template" project folder pointed
to the "Examples" folder (August 07, 2008).


Friedrich Linder

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03-02-2010, 08:31 AM
There is a compiler regression in 7.2 #2888. We have uploaded an updated
installation image with a new sb7.exe. It's still "development build" #2888
so you have to uninstall your current #2888 or rollback to the previous
version and then run sb72_2888_Dev_rev2.exe


Friedrich Linder

SetupBuilder is Windows 7 installation -- "point. click. ship"

-- Official Comodo Code Signing and SSL Certificate Partner

03-03-2010, 12:59 AM
sb72_2888_Dev_rev2.exe removed and replaced with sb72_2889_Dev.exe (includes
a minor installer kernel modification).