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02-14-2005, 01:18 AM
[Saturday, February 12, 2005 8:37 PM]

Hello all,

As I passed the last two days working on this with Friedrich's help I
thought I might as well let you know a kind "help" to acheive this :

1. Read and carefully follow Friedrich's previous email on this to setup the
original exe and the update exe ( Web Updates Posting of the 08/02 )

2. If you need to have file versioning and you cannot do this from Clarion
then the solution is to use for example CRC cheking : in the update script
select all the files to be added and right click to get to properties and
select CRC instead of "always"

3. The important thing is to get in the update script the version numbers
higher than the original exe in BOTH the iDeploy other places will not

4. Copy the update exe and clusters files along with the ini file ( it
contains the latest version number ) created in the /Web directory of your
install path to your server ( be carefull to paths and downloading rights )

5. To give the path of your install you can - if applicable - also use
simply the following to read from registry setting previously written :

Set Variable %_SB_INSTALLDIR% to GetReg("Installation Path") from
If %_SB_INSTALLDIR% Equals "" Then
Message Box "yourapp has to be installed first before applying this
update..." -- "Your message heading text"
Exit Installation
Set Variable %SB5ACTIVE% to Detect Active Application(yourapp.exe)
If %SB5ACTIVE% Equals "1" Then
Message Box " You must close the app..." -- "Your message heading

Of course change to your personal app's messages...
This is to check the path in registry (plus message if not previously
installed) and then message to close the app if running

7. If you are as lazy as I am and have a multitude of files which "can" be
modified : include all of them in your update exe and if the crc or version
depending ... of only one or two has changed then only those one or two
files will be downloaded by the users!

8. If you are lazier than this ( I am too) you can take a look at the
install_tmp log file to get the number of the cluster file modified (one or
two only...) and upload only those one or two cluster files along with the
exe and ini files ( saves time in big upgrades !)
Friedrich promised to have a report of some sort available in a coming
version to get this number directly and avoid uploading all cluster files!

9. If you need to multi select in the script : Ctrl and left mouse ( I had
not realized so ... )

10. Personalize your updates in the text and messages sheet....convenient
for Updating YourApp etc ....

11. If you want your app to be started at the end of the update then use the
Run program sheet BUT in the script afterward take the line to the bottom of
it ( otherwise starts before the user clicks on "Finish" !) it should look
like this (last line)
Loop Wizard
Handle Wizard Events()
Run Program %_SB_INSTALLDIR%\yourapp.exe (Always Install)

that's about it!

If you need more help .... i'll help if I can

thank you


02-14-2005, 01:19 AM
[Sunday, February 13, 2005 12:34 AM]

très gentil, Jean-Pierre.