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06-02-2012, 03:54 AM
SetupBuilder 7.7 Build 3705 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of SetupBuilder 7.7 Build 3705.
This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance and support subscription plan. The
update contains some important bug fixes. We strongly recommend that all
customers upgrade to the new version of SetupBuilder 7.7 as soon as possible
to maintain the highest level of support, performance and reliability.

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at sales@lindersoft.com.

SetupBuilder 7.7 Build 3705 (May 31, 2012)

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Add an experimental "Get Trust (Code-sign)" option
to the "Get File Information..." script function. This option
lets you retrieve certificate specific information from a
code-signed file. The variable that receives the result of this
function holds the serial number of the certificate. The
function returns a list of items in variable %_SB_RETURNEX%
separated by a vertical bar ("|"). List item #1 represents the
expiration date and item #2 represents issuer name.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#204052] IDE: Catch up compiler variable definition errors
earlier (e.g. [PRODUCTVER] = [PRODUCTVER]).

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Loop Wizard" function displays the [Top], [NoMinMax],
and [NoCancel] options in the Script Editor.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Progress Dialog: Display" function displays the
[NoGlobal], [NoFile], [Top], [NoMinMax], and [Win7Task]
options in the Script Editor.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#204201] IDE: The Esc key lets you cancel edits in the
"Registry Visualizer" (edit-in-place functionality).

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#204271] Add new built-in %SYSLNG% variable to retrieve the
language identifier for the system locale.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "Get System Info (Volume System Name)" function
returns a list of items in variable %_SB_RETURNEX% separated
by a vertical bar ("|"). List item #1 represents the name of
the specified volume, item #2 represents the serial number of
the specified volume, item #3 represents the device number and
item #4 represents the partition number (if the device can be
partitioned; otherwise, it is -1).

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Edit Registry..." script function displays the Data
Value in the Script Editor.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The compiler displays extended code-signing certificate
information (name of signer and serial number).

FIX : IDE: "#http download..." item could not be deleted from within
the Script Editor.

FIX : [SB#204051] Installer: Avoid a possible "Buffer Overrun" error
if the "Select Language Dialog" text is too long.

FIX : [SB#203231] Installer: The /WCL command line option did not set
the (optional) proxy configuration file folder.

FIX : [SB#204101] IDE: Possible "Registry Visualizer" issue when
importing a .reg file into a Sub-Feature.

FIX : [SB#204102] IDE: The compiler did not detect unreferenced
variables in "Registry Visualizer..." items.

FIX : Installer: Under certain circumstances, a failed installation
rollback did not restore the last file from the BACKUP folder.

FIX : [SB#205211] IDE: The date modified time sort order in the
"Files and Folders" Visualizer (upper right and lower right
windows) was incorrect.

FIX : [SB#205301] IDE: Password Dialog Tab Order was incorrect on
Advanced Tab.

FIX : [SB#205251] IDE: The compiler failed with a Syntax Error when
using a Modulus Division (%) arithmetic operator in a "Set
Variable..." script function.

CHANGE : IDE: Slightly modified error handling in the "#embed UAC
manifest..." to improve error detection.

CHANGE : IDE: Depending on the "Permanent" checkbox state of the "#embed
UAC manifest..." directive, the compiler reports [permanent] or
[backup] for the manifested file.

CHANGE : Installer: Increase the "Select Language Dialog" text size from
100 bytes to 255 bytes.

CHANGE : Installer: The text in the "Select Language" dialog can display
up to three lines.

CHANGE : IDE: If the compiler detects an error in a .sbi include script,
the compilation process is aborted.

CHANGE : [SB#204221] IDE: The compiler catches commas (",") in a Binary
Data Value ("Edit Registry..." script function and "Registry"
Visualizer) and converts them to spaces (" ").


The full history list can be obtained through the following link:

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