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09-27-2007, 05:31 AM
September 26, 2007 - Lindersoft, a global leader in the development of
installation software for Windows applications, today announced the release
and immediate availability of SetupBuilder 6.6 Build 2000, an update to its
award-winning industry-leading solution for the latest generation of the
most advanced and powerful script based installation technology.

SetupBuilder is an installation authoring system that creates professional
setup programs in hours, instead of days. Whether developers need a simple
setup or a complex, fully customized installation, SetupBuilder provides the
perfect combination of power, ease of use, and versatility. It offers
developers and systems administrators a portfolio of advanced installation
products with a full range of capabilities and features, spanning from
simple setups to complex, fully customized installations.

Looking to target Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008? We've got you
covered! We are committed to providing you with support for the latest
advancements in installation, deployment and operating system technology!

Lindersoft strongly recommends customers upgrade to the latest version of
SetupBuilder 6.6 as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of
support, performance and reliability.

If you have a current SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Subscription
Plan, the update is free of charge!

You can get the latest version by selecting "Check for Updates" from within
the SetupBuilder 6 IDE.

You can get the latest documentation by selecting "Check for Documentation
Updates" from within the SetupBuilder 6 IDE.

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Change log for release of SetupBuilder 6.6 Build 2000 (September 26, 2007)

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Current Settings List starts on the first line"
option to the "Ready to Install" dialog properties.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Verify Trust (Code-sign)" option to the "#get file
information..." compiler directive. This option lets you
retrieve the code-sign status of files.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Add "Verify Trust (Code-sign)" option to the "Get
File Information..." script function. This option lets you
retrieve the code-sign status of files.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Skip if file is already code-signed" option to the
"#code-sign application..." compiler directive.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Timed Message Box" option to the "#msgbox..."
compiler directive.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Skip if file is already manifested" option to the
"#embed Vista manifest..." compiler directive.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Installer Elevation Type" option to the "Get System
Information..." script function. This option lets you determine
whether a User is a Member of the Administrators Group with
UAC Enabled on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Redistributable Manager" and "Check for Help Updates"
functions require administrator execution level privileges
under Vista and Windows Server 2008. The IDE can detect now if
it is running non-elevated.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "#get file information..." compiler directive supports
constants and compiler variables as File Name parameter.

IMPROVEMENT: Add support for .NET Framework 3.5 detection.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "Run Program..." ShellExecuteEx option in
combination with "Wait for Program" holds the application
return code in the %_SB_ERRORCODE% now.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#701091] IDE: Add Ctrl-A Hot key to the "Files and Folders"
Visualizer to select all files in the upper and lower right
file lists.

FIX : [SB#708141] IDE: In the "Get Registry Key Value..." script
item the Ctrl-Right click was not enabled in the "Registry Key"
and "Value Name" entries.

FIX : [SB#708142] IDE: Moving Features up/down in the Features
Visualizer did not refresh the "Files and Folders" Visualizer
(it still displayed the previous Features order).

FIX : [SB#708151] IDE: Comment modifications in Dialog Properties
did not update the comment text on the "Dialog Visualizer"
until you went to another screen and came back.

FIX : [SB#708171] Compiler: In the Releases feature, the compiler
was unable to resolve compiler variables for the Output
Directory ([OUTPUTDIR]).

FIX : [SB#708211] Compiler: The "Readme" and "License Agreement"
Dialogs did not allow "hard coded" local:// paths.

FIX : [SB#708231] Debugger: The %_SB_ERRORCODE% variable value in
the Variables list never got updated.

FIX : [SB#708232] Installer: Under certain circumstances, a
successful call to the "Get File Information" script function
did not reset the %_SB_ERRORCODE% variable.

FIX : [SB#708251] Installer: Setting the %_SB_ERRORCODE%
programmatically to zero caused a crash.

FIX : "Add RegistryRun Entry..." item could not be deleted from
within the Script Editor.

FIX : "Delete ODBC Data Source..." item could not be deleted from
within the Script Editor.

FIX : "Delete ODBC Driver..." item could not be deleted from
within the Script Editor.

FIX : [SB#709061] IDE: If a command line compile set the [OUTPUTDIR]
and/or [EXENAME] compiler variable values, the compiler reset
the values.

FIX : [SB#709111] IDE: The compiler did not handle Command, Arguments
and Icon File items for the "Create File Association..." script

FIX : Installer: Possible "Radio Boxes Dialog" and "Check Boxes
Dialog" refresh problem when using "Refresh Next Dialog".

FIX : Installer: Possible "Handle String Function..." script function

CHANGE : Installer: The installer put double-quotes around the File
Extension open command string item.

CHANGE : IDE: "#get file information..." compiler directive returns -1
if a file does not exist.

CHANGE : IDE: The "#embed Vista manifest..." compiler directive stops
with an error if the application in which to embed a
Vista-aware manifest already included a manifest.

CHANGE : IDE: "Save As..." dialog displays the current project file
name in the File Name field.

CHANGE : IDE: The default zip folder for "Tools | Create Zip Archive..."
is the My Documents folder now.

CHANGE : [SB#709231] IDE: Changed "Path Name" text to "File Name" in the
"Get INI Value..." script function. Add a file browsers to the
"File Name" field.

CHANGE : Add nsi.dll, normaliz.dll and iertutil.dll to the sbscan.ini
"exclude" file.

CHANGE : All code-signed SetupBuilder application files are signed with
a new Comodo certificate now, valid until 09/2010.

CHANGE : Updated wupdate.exe (including wupdate.sb6) web update client.

CHANGE : Updated online help.

CHANGE : Updated PDF manual.



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