View Full Version : Changing texts on dialogs

Edvard Korsbęk
03-11-2005, 06:47 AM
I have two 'Select folder' dialogs - one for program, and one for data.
They shuold have different texts of cause.
What makes it confusing is maybe, that I am using Danish as language.
When i go to the ID button, and changes the text on one of the two dialogs, it changes both.
Even with the one having 1030 series ID, and the other 1033 series ID.
When I tru to make a completely new ID, e.g. datafolder_text, it does not show up when i click 'next'
If i click 'back', it comes with something like '[STR DATAFOLDER_TEXT].

How to?


03-11-2005, 07:05 AM

Please create a new string resource and add this new resource to the (second) dialog ;)

Does this help?