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10-12-2007, 10:00 AM
October 12, 2007 - Lindersoft today announced the release and immediate
availability of SetupBuilder 6.6 Build 2016, an update to its award-winning
industry-leading solution for the latest generation of the most advanced and
powerful script based installation technology.

We are committed to acting promptly on issues that matter most to our
customers by delivering maintenance releases every 21 days. SetupBuilder 6.6
Build 2016 is primarily a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and
provides small feature enhancements.

Lindersoft strongly recommends customers upgrade to the latest version of
SetupBuilder 6.6 as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of
support, performance and reliability.

If you have a current SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Subscription
Plan, the update is free of charge!

You can get the latest version by selecting "Check for Updates" from within
the SetupBuilder 6 IDE.

You can get the latest documentation by selecting "Check for Documentation
Updates" from within the SetupBuilder 6 IDE.

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Change log for release of SetupBuilder 6.6 Build 2016 (October 12, 2007)

FEATURE : Add "Handle File Listing..." script function to retrieve and
process a file directory listing.

FEATURE : Add "Refresh Desktop" script function to refresh the shell

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add [SB_PROJECT_SCRIPT] compiler variable to retrieve the
project (.sb6) file name.

FIX : [SB#709271] IDE: UAC bug under Vista and Windows 2008 Server.
The "Redistributable Manager", "Check for Help Updates" and
"Reference Manual" download features did not work when UAC
was disabled.

FIX : [SB#709281] Installer: Under certain circumstances, the
installer did not automatically remove Support Files (temporary

FIX : [SB#709282] Installer: Possible "Clarion Environment Detection"
radio button refresh problem when using "Refresh Next Dialog".

FIX : [SB#710041] IDE: The filter for DLLs in the #code-sign
application..." compiler directive did not work.

FIX : IDE: The filter for DLLs in the #embed Vista manifest..."
compiler directive did not work.

FIX : IDE: The filter for DLLs in the #get file information..."
compiler directive did not work.

CHANGE : Installer: The "Move Folder Tree..." and "Move File(s)" script
functions automatically remove read only attributes from files.

CHANGE : IDE: "Import .REG File" function to import a registry file
displays extended process information.

CHANGE : Updated online help.

CHANGE : Updated PDF manual.

REGRESSION : Compiler: Setup Type / Features assignment problem.



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