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11-04-2013, 04:19 AM
SetupBuilder 8.1 Build 4227 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of SetupBuilder 8.1 Build 4227.
This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance and support subscription plan. The
update contains some important bug fixes and minor enhancements. We
strongly recommend that all customers upgrade to the new version of
SetupBuilder 8.1 as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of
support, performance and reliability.

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at sales@lindersoft.com.

SetupBuilder 8.1 Build 4227 (November 04, 2013)

FEATURE : [SB#3-09201] Add "Get Shared Resource..." script function to
list Windows shared resources information. This lets you
retrieve the name of a shared resource, the local path for the
shared resource and the optional comment about the shared

The "Shared Resource ID" field contains the index of the shared
resource to retrieve. This parameter should be 0 to retrieve
the number of available shared resources.

The function returns a list of items separated by a vertical
bar ("|"). List item #1 represents the name, item #2 the local
path and item #3 the optional comment.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "User Account..." script function can resolve
runtime variables.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#3-11031] IDE: Add "Set the checkbox state to cleared"
option to the "Run Program..." function.

FIX : Installer: %WINVER% returned $WIN_8$ on Windows 8.1 and
$WIN_SERVER2012$ on Windows Server 2012 R2.

FIX : (Professional Edition only) IDE: The "Script Functions" list
in the Script Editor was missing the green "Compiler
Directives" item.

FIX : [SB#3-10291] IDE: Typo in the "warning GEN1024" compiler
warning text.

FIX : [SB#3-10292] Installer: On Vista and Windows 7, the "Add/Delete
Firewall Exception..." script function called the Windows XP
firewall APIs instead of the new firewall APIs with advanced
security features.

FIX : [SB#3-11021] IDE: The "Display Message Box..." script function
did not check for undefined compiler variables.

FIX : [SB#3-11022] IDE: The "Handle Text File Operation..." script
function did not check for undefined runtime and compiler

CHANGE : Installer: After the internal runtime initialization process,
the last-error value is always reset to 0.

CHANGE : Installer: Minor internal modification in the "Call Dll
Function..." script function. If the library to be called can't
be loaded, the %_SB_ERRORCODE% returns the cause for it.

CHANGE : Installer: The "Set Variable(Ex)..." script functions do not
reset the %_SB_ERRORCODE% variable value.

CHANGE : [SB#3-11023] IDE: Minor compiler modification (resolving
compiler variables).

CHANGE : IDE: The compiler can detect a damaged Feature(s) definition
in a Setup Type.

CHANGE : Updated online help (CHM and PDF).


The full history list can be obtained through the following link:

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