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Jorge Alejandro Lavera
05-06-2005, 08:13 AM
I want the user to choose one Clarion path and register a template in it. I studied the examples provided, but cannot made them work in my own scripts.
1) In the example, a nice "Radio button" windows appears with current Clarion instalations available, for selection. I think I copied all the pertinent parts of the script and made this window in the "dialogs" page with the same IDs, but in my installer the window only show an emtpy radio button saying "1" (instead of saying "1 Clarion 5, 2 Clarion 5.5", etc.)
Where, or how, I design the window, or what I'm missing to make the proper options to appear?
2) After the user chooses a version of Clarion, I need to install some files related to that Clarion version. The example give me in a variable a full qualified path with exe name included for Clarion executable, but what I really need is something like %root (i.e. where is Clarion installed).
2) After that, when my installer finished I want that given an option, it register the template. I found the option in the files and folders page, just wondering if this is somehow linked to the option made in 1) and how?

Sorry to be heavy, I never worked with scripts before, and SB5 is very different from SB4 for Clarion, I'm still lost.
Jorge Lavera

05-06-2005, 08:17 AM

If you are interested, please send your script to support (at) lindersoft (dot) com and I'll check your script.