View Full Version : SB5 is truly GOLDEN!

Doug I
05-10-2005, 10:05 AM
With the improvements in SB5 RC2 (Build 1130), there is simply nothing you can't automate now with this product. The new compiler directives like #Copy and #Run are huge! The Find feature is also a nice addition as well.

I was able to completely automate the creation of my app and call a batch file that then proceeded to upload my setup.exe to my website.

The only other thing the SB5 could eliminate for me at this point is the actual FTP process of sending the [EXE_NAME] (as I have already suggested in a past post). A compiler directive like #FTP_UPLOAD and #FTP_DOWNLOAD would be nice for handling the placement of the compiled setup files anywhere on the net. :)

However, this is not a biggie as I can use FTPVoyager's command line interface to handle the sending of my setup.exe to the net. It works just fine.

Thanks for a great product Linder. I will be sure to recommend it whenever someone asks about an installer tool.

05-10-2005, 10:43 AM

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words :)

We'll add such FTP "functions" to one of the next releases.

Thanks again,