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06-06-2005, 10:41 AM
SB5 Developer Edition (RC4) build #1158 is released.

Please click "Check for Updates..." from within your SB5 IDE to update to

By the way, our goal is to be feature-complete by the end of this week. The
final SB5 release will be available by the end of this month.


- SetupBuilder 5.0 Build 1158 #Release Candidate 4# (June 06, 2005)


IMPROVEMENT: Add new "Quick Menu Navigator"
IMPROVEMENT: Add "Copy" button to copy from the Compiler Output
IMPROVEMENT: Add updated Spanish.lng language module (special thanks to
Jorge Lavera)
FIX : Possible "buffer overrun" problem when using "zip" and "unzip"
script functions
FIX : "Send OutputDebugString" script function was not working as
FIX : #MINVER pragma was not working as expected
FIX : Possible rename Text Resource Group problem
FIX : Text Resource view: "Add Resource Group" was not available on
the Add button on the bottom
CHANGE : Internal modifications to support a "Maintenance Plan"
(function will be enabled when the final release is available)
CHANGE : Compiler automatically add code to update the %_SB_BACKUPDIR%
backup folder variable. The %_SB_BACKUPDIR% variable is not
resolved until its value is required
REGRESSION : Possible "cut and paste" Script Editor problem


Friedrich Linder
CEO, Lindersoft

"point. click. ship" - that's SetupBuilder 5