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01-23-2006, 09:18 AM

How to distribute MSDE 2000?


1. Download the MSDE2000A.exe file and extract it to c:\msde

Microsoft download link:

2. Open SetupBuilder script -> Choose View -> Compiler Variables and set the following three compiler variables:

[MSDE2000A_DIRECTORY] -> MSDE source folder (e.g. c:\msde)
[MSDE2000A_INSTANCENAME] -> To install a named instance configured to use Windows Authentication Mode
[MSDE2000A_STRONGSAPASSWORD] -> Strong password to be assigned to the sa login

3. To install MSDE before your dialogs are displayed, add the msde2000a.sbi include script to the [Initialize Setup] section:

#include script "msde2000a.sbi"

4. Compile and run your installer.

SetupBuilder Requirements:

Developer Edition. This function is not available in the Clarion or Professional versions of the SetupBuilder Installation System.