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  • 10-03-2020, 03:48 AM

    Is there a "master list" of "ControlIDs", If so, how do I findit?


    I'm wanting to customize one of the build in dialogs programitically so that if the user is on a certain dialog certain controls behave a certain way. While playing around with the "Wizard: Set Control Properties" script item to change the "Next" button on the last screen to "Install &Now! >>" I couldn't find a list of control IDs as this script item needs a specified ID to act on.

    Here's my code I'm using to try and change the button (this is in the [User Interface] section right up to the point where we're about ready to call the progress dialog):

    [ User Interface ]
    ! Wizard dialog definition(s)
    Define Wizard Dialog "#1" (Welcome)
    Define Wizard Dialog "#2" (Readme)
    Define Wizard Dialog "#3" (License Agreement)
    Define Wizard Dialog "#4" (Select Setup Types [Standard])
    Define Wizard Dialog "#5" (Custom Install)
    Define Wizard Dialog "#6" (Check Boxes) (%OPTFLAG%) -- Store Checkbox text in %otionstext1% and Response in %optflag%
    Define Wizard Dialog "#7" (Select Install Folder) (%_SB_INSTALLDIR%)
    Define Wizard Dialog "#8" (Select Program Folder) (%_SB_PROGRAMGROUP%)
    Define Wizard Dialog "DLG_READYINST" (Ready to Install) ()

    ! The Wizard Loop displays the dialog screens that the user sees in the installation
    Loop Wizard (Abort Dialog Active)
    If %_SB_DIALOGID% Equals "6" Then
    If %OPTFLAG% Does Not Equal "1" on Position "2" Then
    Hide Wizard Dialog "#8"
    Show Wizard Dialog "#8"
    Set Text "Install &Now! >>" to ControlID "$NEXT_BUTTON$"

    ! Display progress dialog


    Again the question of the day is "Where's the master list of built-in control IDs?"

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