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  1. Re: REG: Add "Code Folding" in editor / Weird issue


    Well my 33k+ line script monster has been tamed and ultimately re-done using the *.* trick linder provided :). I’m compiling now to give it a run. That compile will take 4+ hours on my...
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    REG: What Count's as a "Large" File


    So in my latest internal project, there are several large files and during the install the second progress bar displays which seems to track the copy of large files. My question is what...
  3. REG: How to set features by answer file


    In my installer projects as of recent I’ve been using the instructions for answer files as detailed in a previous thread of mine and now I want to expand on it

  4. Re: REG: Add "Code Folding" in editor / Weird issue


    I started in the visualizer mode and am putting the final touches on it in script editor. Since per feature has a lot of sub-folders and files the “recursive add” along with with seeing things...
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    Re: Install for all users


    I just saw this thread and want to give it my best guess:

    In the "User Info" dialog properties there is a page called "User Types" that might be something to do with it. On this dialog...
  6. REG: Add "Code Folding" in editor / Weird issue


    So, I just thought up a wonderful idea, add "code folding" to the script editor thus for those quite large installs (like the one I'm working on right now), you can expand and collapse not...
  7. REG: I mnaged to include a LinderSoft shout-out in an internal installer

    Hi Everyone:

    I managed to include a LindeSoft Shout-out as the page right before the finish dialog. While this is in an internal installer it is a proof of concept. And for those who wish to not...
  8. How can I huild a custom uninstall queus?

    Hi Everyone:

    I'd like to do the following:

    Include a per-feature uninstall queue
    write the list of user-selected features to a text file
    at uninstall time present the options to...
  9. Re: REG: Possible to Assign Files to “Firl Groups” for huge project?


    Thanks for the response :$
  10. REG: Possible to Assign Files to “Firl Groups” for huge project?

    Hi everyone:

    I am working an internal project (33,000+ files, 15+ features, you get the picture) I have chosen to set my media size to about 2 GB for UHC where operating systems, how ever I was...
  11. Re: How do I check for Microsoft Visual C++ 2009

    Well Update on this one:

    It turns out that I was an absolute dip because The is no such thing as "Microsoft Visual C++ 2009". I have zero Idea how I could've gotten VC++ 2005 confiused with a...
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    SetupBuilder Does it again!

    Greetings Everyone:

    I hope everyone's new year went OK. I recently had a chance to review a few older install programs and even an older entry from Lindersoft and let me tell you... even in its...
  13. SetupBuilder 2019.7 Error while downloading DirectX 9.0c redistributable


    I currently have Installed SetupBuilder 2019.7 developer edition and I am working on a project that requires directx 9. When I launch p SB as admin on windows 8.1 Pro x64 and attempt to...
  14. How do I check for Microsoft Visual C++ 2009

    Hello all:

    At present I am working on a repackage of an application that requires the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime version 2009. The Original installer includes this, however I’d like to use an SB...
  15. Re: I've built a demo on how to use the patch feaure

    Normally I wouldn’t a care as to such things as license agreements or such (especially on such old software) and if someone misuses my demo that’s them misusing it and I’m not responsible for...
  16. I've built a demo on how to use the patch feaure

    Hello Everyone:

    hope this finds you well. I've just built a patch demo that shows how to use the patching capabilities in SetupBuilder. This demo shows how to patch Adobe DreamWeaver CS3 to get...
  17. Re: Support “hosted” installs, ie. track multiple installation folders?


    I’d love to see a demo of how you built this up. Can you create demo that doesn’t use your actual product but maybe some demo HTML Files or something and share it to like Google Drive or...
  18. Re: Support “hosted” installs, ie. track multiple installation folders?


    I didn’t see that coming! Wow! Thanks for the undate.
  19. Re: Support “hosted” installs, ie. track multiple installation folders?

    Hi there:

    At least to my understanding, the number of checkboxes on a single instance of the checkbox has a hard limit of 10 items. So even if I could think up a way to read in the text from file...
  20. Suggestion for Select components wizard dislog


    I have a couple suggestions regarding the appearance of the setup dialog called Select features:
    1. Add scroll bars for the description of features thus if a description is quite lengthy,...
  21. How to recover a lost SetupBuilder license?

    I am curious, how can I recover lost license information for my SetupBuilder Application? I had licensing information at some point and my email server went down. I have emailed sales as...
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    Re: The "Grade My Setup" Project

    Quick Update:

    Find below the link to download the zip file that contains everything you'll need to work with my demos.

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    The "Grade My Setup Project" Challenge

    Hello SetupBuilder Community!

    I'm back with a bit of a challenge for myself with my latest SetupBuilder project and here we go...:

    1. I have reverse engineered some legacy software after the...
  24. Is there a "master list" of "ControlIDs", If so, how do I findit?


    I'm wanting to customize one of the build in dialogs programitically so that if the user is on a certain dialog certain controls behave a certain way. While playing around with the...
  25. Re: How Do I Conditionally Hide/Show A Dialog?


    After a lot of searching, I found this helpful thread (linked below) and I'm testing it out now to see if it works as I've described it above. I'll report back if it did or did not work...
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