I want to create a single installation where I install my application, and then proceed to run the installation of a few OCX and the crystal reports client.

The installation has a few complications.
1) The installation should allow the user to select the location from a list of six possible sites. I have been able to do this by using "Setup Types" and the Advanced Setup Type dialog.
2) The installation should OPTIONALLY allow the installation of some "Features" irrespective of the site. The features are the ASA ODBC driver, a couple of OCXs, and the crystal report client.

How do I do #2? I tried, for example, adding a new setup type for ASA, but then I get ASA along with the location setup types, which is not what I want...

And finally, how do I run the other installations. For example the Crystal Reports client. This is an executable which I would like to run after my program has installed (if the user selected that feature).