SetupBuilder 5.4 Build #1445 is released.

As always you may use the "Check for Updates" option within SetupBuilder to
auto-update your current SB5 version.

You can also download the full SetupBuilder 5.4 install image by following
the appropriate link below:

For Developer Edition:

For Professional Edition:

Change log for release of SetupBuilder 5.4 Build 1445 (March 20, 2006)


FEATURE : Add "Get Registry Key SubKey" script function to retrieve the
name(s) of a specific subkey.

IMPROVEMENT: Digital Signature (code signing) and Installer Integrity
Verification can coexist now.

IMPROVEMENT: If an "Include Script" is configurable, display a "Include
Script Compiler Variables Configuration" in the #include
script... compiler directive dialog.

IMPROVEMENT: "#def - Get Value from INI File" supports constants and
compiler variables now.

IMPROVEMENT: "#const - Get Value from INI File" supports constants and
compiler variables now.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#602222] Add "Skip Invalid Patch" File Properties option.
File patching will be skipped during the file installation
process if the file to be updated is not a valid update

IMPROVEMENT: Script comment size increased to 512 bytes.

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Silent restart" option to "Reboot/Restart System" script

IMPROVEMENT: "Wait" installer dialog is more responsive to redrawing events
if external programs are running and the "Wait" option is used.

IMPROVEMENT: "#set compiler variable" compiler directive: add "Include
Script Compiler Variable Configuration" option.

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Increase" and "Decrease" Value Options to the "#def"
compiler directive.

FIX : "#def - Get Value from INI File" was not working as expected.

FIX : Script Editor: vertical scroll bar thumb resizing issue.

FIX : Dialogs Visualizer: Canceling a "Define Wizard Dialog" made
the Script Editor "read-only".

FIX : [SB#602221] "Send Install Event Entry" item could not be
deleted from within the Script Editor.

FIX : "Add RegistryRunOnce Entry" item could not be deleted from
within the Script Editor.

FIX : "Get System Information - .NET Status" function did not detect
the final version of the .NET 2.0 Framework.

FIX : Script Editor: possible duplicate items in Include Script Tab

FIX : [SB#602271] Under certain circumstances Internet Shortcut
creation failed (create folder problem).

FIX : Under certain circumstances uninstall did not remove folders
recursively created by the installer.

FIX : Under certain circumstances the compiler reported iDeploy
errors even if iDeploy was disabled.

FIX : Print script issues.

FIX : [SB#603061] Windows 98 SE (version 4.10.2222B) detection

FIX : [SB#603051] Script Editor: Possible "Details" button problem.

FIX : [SB#603101] "Send OutputDebugString" script function was not
working as expected.

CHANGE : Selecting a variable in the Setup Editor's "Script Variable"
list highlights the script line that defines the variable.

CHANGE : Script Editor: cosmetic Include Script Tab modification.

CHANGE : Installer "Wait" dialog: cosmetic modifications.

CHANGE : "#set compiler variable" compiler directive: Value can be an
empty string now.

CHANGE : "Get System Information - MDAC Status" changed into "MDAC
Version". This function returns the installed MAC version now.

CHANGE : "Get System Information - Windows Installer Version" returns
"0" now (instead of an empty string) if Windows Installer is
not available.

CHANGE : Add updated (recompiled) wupdate.exe Web Update client.

CHANGE: : Increment version number to 5.4.

REGRESSION : [SB#602241] The delete key no longer worked in the Script

REGRESSION : Possible "Run Program" issue.