I have not used setupbuilder that much however it seems to work very well. I have been using the web edition. One thing that I have always wanted to do is to have a web install that points to my programs that are already installed on the network some where. Historically we have always put our programs on the network server. We have all the clients map a drive to a server. Usually drive Z:. We put our programs on the Z: drive in a directory called Z:\LIBNET\LIBEXE\ there are about six or seven programs that run from there. What I would like to know is if there is a simple way to make a web install that can look for my programs on the server that is z:\libnet\libexe\*.exe and put those icons on the desktop of a computer that does not currently have shortcuts to my programs on the server. We have alway done things that way because that way our programs only have to be updated once on the server and version control is simple to maintain. The only problem is we have to manually create shortcuts to them on the client machines which takes time. BTW we have alway put a text file called lb_ini.dat that points to the drive and directory where the data files are kept. I don't know if that's usefull info but it usually looks like this


Thanks very much for any help and the great software

Allen Patrick