> There is still one tricky Win64 uninstall bug to be fixed in SB6. After
> that, the SetupBuilder 6.9 product line will enter "code-freeze" status.

Update: we have fixed the above mentioned Win64 uninstall issue. When
uninstalling a multiple-version product (initial install and updates make
use of the same uninstall .exe/.log), the uninstall application switched
into Win64 mode on Windows 64-bit machines even for pure 32-bit uninstalls.
As a result, the uninstall did not remove 32-bit specific registry keys
and/or files.

For Clarion 3rd-party developers only: we have changed the SB6 runtime to
prevent the Clarion 7 error "Error were found on reading templates" during
the Clarion 7 unregistration process.

If you need access to the above SB6 modifications (e.g. if you have to
prepare a C7 3rd-party install), send an email to support (at) lindersoft
(dot) com.

The SetupBuilder 6.9 product line will enter "code-freeze" status by the end
of this week and we'll then make an official SB6.9 maintenance build


Friedrich Linder

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