After 3 hours of experimenting with the Custom Dialog Wizard, my frustration level is overflowing. I try to learn things by studying the docs and experimenting.

I have defined a custom dialog and have used a dialog label of "CUSTMSLBL" in the Advanced tab. On the custom dialog I have defined a Static Text item with a "control name" of "ST1" and a value of "REQUIRED".

Based on prior conditions, I would like to change the text displayed by Static Text ST1 to "OPTIONAL", using the "Set Text" feature of the "Set Control Properties" wizard.

No matter what Control Identifier I use in the Set Control Properties wizard, I get an error message that the constant has not been defined.

I notice that in the Set Control example program that you sent me, the Control Identifier of $EDITDATA_MULTIEDIT1$ is defined as a constant in the Common file. Are we supposed to define our own constants for the Custom Dialog Wizard?

O. D. Williams