Actually, it turns out that my frustration was self inflicted. I often get confused on when to use $MyInfo$ versus [MyInfo] versus %MyInfo% and finally MyInfo.

My entire problem was due to not using a plain Control Name. I had used each of the types shown above EXCEPT the correct one. Comparing my code to the sample code you provided caused me to quickly realize my error.

As a memory aid for myself, I have printed out a page from Jane's manual entitled "Some Basic Hints and Conditions". Until it becomes second nature to use the correct type in the correct place, I plan to keep the memory aid near the computer.

I also re-read Jane's entire excellent document and took notes. If you ever publish a book about the history of Setup Builder, I would suggest that Jane be the Centerfold! (Grin - Duck - and RUN before she throws something at me).

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