(Ignore patching for this question)

It appears that as the number of updated versions of the software grows so
does the possibility that at sometime ALL the files will need to be

If I have released 25 updates then my single web update package will contain
all the files needed to update from Version 1. If the Version 24->25 update
changes just one file ALL the files will still be replaced.

This question concerns File Properties | Conditions | Replacement Option =>
"Check File (CRC)"
and the option for "Delayed File Install".

It would seem using "Check File (CRC)" with a web update would be the way
for the Web Update package to check all the files to be replaced and create
a list of files that only FAIL the CRC check.

With that "Fail CRC Check" list created the Web Update Package would then
ONLY DOWNLOAD and install the files that failed the CRC ckec;

(1) Is this the way the Web Update Package works when the file replacement
option "CRC Check" is used?

(2) What bearing does the "Start Delayed File Install" have. In reading the
docs it seems that you would always want to use "Delayed File Install"
because a TCP/IP connection can always be presumed to be problematic.

Thank you,


PS: As you can tell I am trying to understand how the Web Update system
performs as the product matures. The web update system I use I wrote myself
and it is file based instead of version number based.