Is there a way to make it so all DLL files potentially installed by my setup are registered, even for those that aren't actually replaced during setup because the existing file's version is equal to or higher than the one contained in my setup? I would like for the "Register all pending file operations" function to also register each DLL file that my setup didn't actually replace due to the fact that the existing version was good enough.

I had a customer who had installed our software, where setup successfully installed a particular DLL file to its proper location, but something happened that prevented that file from being registered. I didn't yet know that was the problem, so I had him reinstall. Since the file already existed on his machine and its version was the same, setup of course did not replace the existing file (I have the option set that way), but also it would not attempt to register the existing file. I talked him through using regsvr32.exe, which fixed the problem, but it would be nice if SetupBuilder were able to re-register everything it attempted to install, just in case any of the DLL files don't happen to be registered already.