SetupBuilder for Clarion has been created for SoftVelocity's Clarion 5.5/6.0 Enterprise Edition and is a major sub-set of SetupBuilder Standard Edition.

All users who purchased a new license of Clarion 6 Enterprise Edition, or upgraded from Clarion 5.5 Enterprise Edition can receive a free copy of SetupBuilder for Clarion. If you upgraded to Clarion 6 Enterprise Edition from version 5.0 you are a licensed user of the "Wise for Clarion" installer, but you can upgrade to SetupBuilder for Clarion for a nominal charge of $25.00 for electronic delivery or $40.00 for shipped media.

The next installer generation is already looming on the horizon. SetupBuilder 4 for Clarion 6 includes a free upgrade to SetupBuilder 5 for Clarion when released.

You can upgrade to one of the "full" editions at any time.