SetupBuilder 7.1 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce SetupBuilder 7.1. This release is available,
free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who have an active
SetupBuilder maintenance and support subscription plan.

The update contains several enhanced features and important bug fixes. We
strongly recommend that all customers upgrade to the latest version of
SetupBuilder as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of support,
performance and reliability.

Any organization planning to move its applications to the Windows 7 platform
will be able to use SetupBuilder to comply with this new industry standard.
Version 7.1 includes new and enhanced functionality that will further reduce
the time needed by software developers and systems administrators to create
installations and distribute them to end user desktops in any Windows

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at

SetupBuilder 7.1 Build 2860 (February 02, 2010)

FEATURE : IDE: Add "#exe2msi..." compiler directive to wrap native .exe
installations up as an MSI.

FEATURE : Add "Pin to Taskbar..." script function. One useful feature of
the new Windows 7 taskbar is the capability to "pin"
applications - keep an application's icon in the taskbar at all
times for easy access. Instead of cluttering your desktop,
browsing your "Program Files" folder or clicking through the
Start menu, your users can launch your apps from the taskbar
with one click.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#911062] IDE: The "Display Billboard..." script function
supports a Billboard ID combo box now.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Add support for a "Hot Key" in Shortcuts.

IMPROVEMENT: Add support for REG_QWORD on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#911261] The "Handle File Listing (Load File List)" function
supports multiple wildcards (e.g. *.bmp;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png).

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The Registry Value Type is displayed in the Script Editor.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#912081] IDE: The "Edit INI File..." Contents field supports
the file:// macro now to read (import) the contents of an INI
file at compile time.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "api-ms-win-core-?", "api-ms-win-security-?" and
"api-ms-win-service-?" DLLs to SBSCAN.INI.

IMPROVEMENT: Add support for the Clarion 7.1 (Build 6545 "December 22" and
later) environment.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Enable Installer Integrity Check Verification for
New Projects" option to Tools | Options | Preferences. If it
is marked, the "Enable Installer Integrity Check" option is
enabled by default for new projects.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add SILENTROLLBACK #pragma to launch required roll backs
without prompting the user.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Process after script compilation" option to the
"#code-sign application..." compiler directive.

FIX : [SB#911061] Installer: Possible problem when loading Combo Box
control values in a "Custom Wizard Dialog" at startup. As a
result, the "Select Item" function did not work.

FIX : [SB#910291] Installer: Possible "Handle Text File Operating"
issue when replacing text in a text file.

FIX : [SB#910292] IDE: Possible "#ftp upload..." problem (the
uploaded file with an "SB7_t_m_p" added to the file name stayed
in the FTP folder indefinitely).

FIX : [SB#911161] Installer: Under certain circumstances, the "Check
Service (Is Service Running)" script function did not close the
service handle.

FIX : [SB#911201] Installer: The logic in the If Statement "X
Contains Letters Not In Y" was reversed.

FIX : IDE: The logic in the #ifcompvar preprocessor "X Contains
Letters Not In Y" was reversed.

FIX : IDE: The logic in the #ifconst preprocessor "X Contains Letters
Not In Y" was reversed.

FIX : IDE: The logic in the #ifdef preprocessor "X Contains Letters
Not In Y" was reversed.

FIX : IDE: Possible "File | Send Project to Recycle Bin..." problem.

FIX : [SB#911261] Installer: Possible installer stack corruption when
using the "Windows Firewall Exception" script function on a
Windows operating system that does not support the Windows

FIX : [SB#912181] Installer: Application self-removal functionality
did not work when running in 64-bit mode.

FIX : [SB#A01171] Installer: The ES_AUTOHSCROLL edit control style
was not set on "Edit Controls" in "Custom Wizard Dialogs" to
automatically scroll text to the right by 10 characters when
the user types a character at the end of the line.

FIX : IDE: Under certain circumstances, an incorrect "Type" for
"Compiler Variables" was displayed in the "Compiler Variables
Visualizer" for older projects.

FIX : IDE: Minor fixes in the "Get Started" start page and in the
"Pick" dialog.

FIX : [SB002011] Installer: Under certain circumstances, the
"Get Registry SubKey" script function returned an incorrect
value and error code.

FIX : Installer: Under certain circumstances, the "Get Registry
SubValue" script function returned an incorrect value and
error code.

CHANGE : Installer: The "Run elevated from non-elevated SetupBuilder
application" option in "Run Program..." is only executed on
Vista or better.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor modification to the compiler .htm report function.

CHANGE : IDE: Change "Set Installation Log Mode (Create Installation
App)" to "Set Installation Log Mode (Create Installation App
& Log)" in the Script Editor.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor modifications to the internal SetupBuilder license
file processing procedure.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor modification to the internal GetSpecialFolder

CHANGE : IDE: Removed the "Clarion 7.0 (EE)" and Clarion 7.0 (PE)
conditions from the "If Clarion Statement".

CHANGE : [SB#A01151] IDE: The "Open My Include Script" file lookup on
include scripts remembers the last place that you got an .sbi
for that project.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor modifications to the internal SaveScript function
to detect "overprotective" protection software product issues
(e.g. "Trend Antivirus" on Windows 7).

CHANGE : IDE: If a project file is corrupt or damaged (e.g. caused by an
"overprotective" security software product, the file is not
loaded any longer.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor cosmetic modifications in the "Get Started" start

CHANGE : Updated Examples Package.

CHANGE : Updated online help.

CHANGE : Updated PDF manual.


The full history list can be obtained through the following link:

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