Just a heads up...

If you use Windows 7, be aware that the CAPICOM.DLL referred to elsewhere here is no longer needed in order to user SIGNTOOL.EXE for code signing. CAPICOM has been deprecated by MS for Win 7.

All you need is a Windows 7 version SIGNTOOL.EXE now, and the simplest way to get it is to download the Windows SDK for .NET 3.5SP1 or .NET 4.


This link leads you to a small stub for the latest SDK version, so you don't need to download the entire SDK. In the installer, just uncheck everything except the 'Tools' option, and then you'll only get a small subset of the SDK that includes the Win 7 version of SIGNTOOL.EXE.

Point SetupBuilder at SIGNTOOL.EXE, which you'll find under Program File\Microsoft SDK a few levels down in the \BIN folder.