SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 2978 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 2978.
This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance subscription plan. The update
contains some important bug fixes and improvements. We strongly recommend
that all customers upgrade to the new version of SetupBuilder 7.2 as soon as
possible to maintain the highest level of support, performance and

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at

SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 2978 (June 04, 2010)

FEATURE : Add Core PreRequisites built-in support for "Microsoft Visual
C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) (10.0.30319)".
(Developer Edition only).

FEATURE : Add Core PreRequisites built-in support for "Microsoft .NET
Framework 4". (Developer Edition only).

IMPROVEMENT: Add "System Metrics" option to the "Get System Info..." script

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Calculate Cumulative File Size (KB)" option to the "Handle
File List..." script function.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "Calculate Cumulative File Size (Bytes)" option
in "Handle File List..." supports quad (U64) unsigned integer

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "File Size" option in "Get File Info..."
supports quad (U64) unsigned integer numbers.

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Save As..." option to the "Wizard: Browse for File..."
script function. This creates a Save dialog box that lets the
user specify the drive, directory, and name of a file to save.

IMPROVEMENT: Add support for the SoftVelocity Clarion 7.2 environment.

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Text Alignment" option to the VDE "Static Text" Control.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#005312] IDE: Add a "Details" button to the "Support Files"

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#005313] IDE: Better support for the "Enter" button in
various Visualizers as equivalent to clicking the "Details..."

FIX : [SB#005031] IDE: When you pressed the Test/Run/Debug button and
had changes in your script, it prompted you to save the changes
with a Yes/Cancel dialog. After pressing "Yes", you got another
"Do you want to save dialog" with Yes/No/Cancel.

FIX : [SB#005171] IDE: Compiler variables for installer and
uninstaller code-signing were resolved before the compiler
processed the preprocessor items.

FIX : IDE: Another fix for [SB#002092]. Possible (silent) buffer
overrun in the compiler if the "Title", "Heading" or
"Subheading" in a "Custom Wizard Dialog" was > 100 bytes.

FIX : [SB#005201] IDE: Possible issues when starting the Debugger
with the "F5" hotkey.

FIX : [SB#005271] Installer: If the "Handle Text File Operation (Get
Line) script function failed, the variable that received the
result was not initialized.

FIX : [SB#005311] IDE: "Map/Disconnect Network Drive..." item could
not be deleted from within the Script Editor.

FIX : Installer: Under certain circumstances, the "Progress Dialog"
caption appeared twice in the taskbar.

FIX : Installer: A new wizard dialog started minimized when a
previously displayed "Progress Dialog" was closed

CHANGE : [SB#005041] Installer: Modification in the new internal "wizard
event handling" module to prevent possible "dead-lock" issues
when external (installer) applications are launched with the
"Wait" option enabled. The new event handling method caused a
"hang" during the installation of Microsoft's MSDE.

CHANGE : [SB#005032] Installer: When the installer terminates and there
are still files in the temporary installer folder, the
installer application tries to delete the files.

CHANGE : [SB#005131] IDE: If you embed a manifest into a file and/or
code-sign a file from within the script using compiler
directives with the "Permanent" option disabled, the relevant
manifested / code-signed file details and the current
(original) source file details are listed in the Compiler .htm

CHANGE : UnInstaller: Increase buffer size for SoftVelocity Clarion 7.x
template name detection from 2KB to 10KB.

CHANGE : [SB#005262] Installer: Modified "Get System Info (IIS Version)"
method to detect if a specific version of Internet Information
Services is installed even if the IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
switch is disabled.

CHANGE : IDE: Block some internal "gain focus" and "resize" repaint

CHANGE : Installer: The "Handle File Listing..." script function can
handle up to 10,240 items (increased from 2,048 items).

CHANGE : Installer: Internal runtime change "04-Jun-2010".

CHANGE : Recompiled wupdate.exe web update client.

CHANGE : Recompiled wucheck.exe web update check client.

CHANGE : Updated online help.


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