SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 3015 Release Announcement

We are pleased to announce the availability of SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 3015.
This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance subscription plan. The update
contains some important bug fixes and improvements. We strongly recommend
that all customers upgrade to the new version of SetupBuilder 7.2 as soon as
possible to maintain the highest level of support, performance and

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at

SetupBuilder 7.2 Build 3015 (July 11, 2010)

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Static Text" control dialog property in the Visual
Dialog Editor (VDE) supports multiple-lines.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Static Text" control dialog property in the VDE
supports up to 2,048 bytes (increased from 260 bytes).

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add the following Conditions to the "If..." and
"ElseIf..." Statements:
- Matches RegExp
- Does Not Match RegExp

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "#ifcompvar..." compiler directive supports the
"Matches RegExp" and "Does Not Match RegExp" If Conditions.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "#ifconst..." compiler directive supports the
"Matches RegExp" and "Does Not Match RegExp" If Conditions.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "#code-sign application..." compiler directive
supports a wildcard in the "File Name" field.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Finish Dialog" option to the "Custom Wizard Dialog".

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Hidden" option to the "Custom Wizard Dialog".

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Increase the dialogs "Sub-Heading" field from 100 bytes
to 260 bytes and the "Instructions" field from 100 bytes to
512 bytes.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Increment" and "Decrement" Value Options to the "#set
compiler variable..." directive.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "File | Save Compiler Output to File...".

FIX : [SB#006071] IDE: The "Remove" button on the "Pick" dialog was
disabled if the project file did not exist.

FIX : [SB#006081] Installer: Possible buffer-overrun issue when
running the installer with event logging mode (/E) enabled and
a runtime variable value was >1,024 bytes.

FIX : Installer: Possible issue when using the "Wizard: Set Control
Properties" script function in a Custom Wizard Dialog.

FIX : Installer: The "Progress Dialog" did not minimize correctly
(using the minimize button) if the installer did not display
a "Wizard Dialog" before the "Progress Dialog".

FIX : IDE: If a "Process after script compilation" task failed, the
compiler reported an incorrect script name (under certain
circumstances) and a wrong script line number.

FIX : Installer: Variables in the wizard dialog window title were
not resolved.

FIX : [SB#007071] IDE: It was not possible to enter variable names
in the "Free DLL..." script function.

FIX : [SB#007081] IDE: The "Handle File Listing (Free File List)"
asked for a variable name specification.

FIX : [SB#007082] Installer: (Clarion 3rd-party developers only).
If the C71/C72 Product GUID existed and the major Clarion
IDE file version was not 7 -or- if the registered Clarion
\Bin folder did not exist then the Clarion detection reported
that Clarion 7.x was installed.

CHANGE : Installer: The "Event Logging" feature displays the current
local date and time instead of the current system date and

CHANGE : Installer: If the "Get System Info(UNC From Network Drive
Letter)" function fails, the return value is the value defined
in "Drive Letter" (and not "0").

CHANGE : Add 'Mutex (SYNCHRONIZE)' option to the "Detect Active
Application" script function. This option sets the right to
use the object for synchronization.

CHANGE : Installer: Minor "event logging mode" enhancements.

CHANGE : IDE: The Ctrl+K shortcut in the Script Editor toggles the
comment like "Comment Out/In" instead of just "Comment Out".

CHANGE : IDE: Add Ctrl+Minus key shortcut in the Script Editor to
"Comment Out".

CHANGE : IDE: The "Context Menu Key" is supported in the Script Editor.

CHANGE : IDE: Minor compiler modifications to detect a reserved code

CHANGE : IDE: Update LSZip compression library add-on to v2.9.9.5. to
work around a bug in the Windows Explorer built-in UNZIP
feature (if the .zip file stores path names). This applies to
the "#zip file(s)..." compiler directive and to the "Zip
File(s)..." script function.

CHANGE : Installer: The runtime always loads the MoveFileEx Windows API
dynamically now.

CHANGE : IDE: The VDE displays the Dialog Label (if defined) in the VDE

CHANGE : Installer: Decrease the width of the displayed Sub-Heading in
wizard dialogs from 275 to 267 (cosmetic correction).

CHANGE : Installer: The "If Clarion..." Statement clears the %_SB_TMP%
variable automatically.

CHANGE : [SB#007083] Installer: The "Handle File Listing..." script
function can process the root of a drive.

CHANGE : Installer: (Clarion 3rd-party developers only).
SoftVelocity released a Clarion 7.2 Professional Edition (PE)
version stamped as So version-wise, this is Clarion
7.3 and not Clarion 7.2 and SetupBuilder (correctly) did not
detect it as Clarion 7.2. We have added a workaround ("7.3
version fix") to correct this issue.

CHANGE : Recompiled wupdate.exe web update client.

CHANGE : Recompiled wucheck.exe web update check client.

CHANGE : Updated online help.


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