SetupBuilder 7.3 Release Announcement

Lindersoft, a global leader in the development of installation software for
Windows applications, announced today the immediate availability of
SetupBuilder Version 7.3, the latest edition of its award-winning
Installation Authoring and Configuration Management system for Microsoft
Windows based applications that is used by thousands of organizations around
the world.

The SetupBuilder installation-authoring tools are designed to reduce the
time and complexity of creating software installations. Version 7.3 is an
important step forward in our evolving support for state-of-the-art
installation technology. Based on user feedback, SetupBuilder 7.3 is full of
features to make setup development again easier and more flexible. Any
organization planning to move its applications to the Windows 7 and Windows
2008 R2 platforms will be able to use SetupBuilder to comply with this new
industry standard.

For more information, please visit:

This release is available, free of charge, to all SetupBuilder customers who
have an active SetupBuilder maintenance and support subscription plan.

If you do not have an active subscription plan, please contact your account
manager at

SetupBuilder 7.3 Build 3162 (December 05, 2010)

FEATURE : IDE: Add "Enable Windows 7 Taskbar Progress" option to the
"Progress Dialog: Display..." script function. It displays the
current progress of the installation as the "progress status"
in the Windows 7 taskbar.

FEATURE : Add support for the SoftVelocity Clarion 7.3 environment.

FEATURE : IDE: Add integrated "Learning SetupBuilder" help.

FEATURE : IDE: By default, the compiler updates the setup executable's PE
header TimeDateStamp value now. This is the setup file creation
time (rel. to 00:00 on 1 January 1970 in Greenwich, England).
Signature-based antivirus systems attempt to find viral code by
looking for characteristic byte sequences in the executable.
The updated TimeDateStamp creates more individual PE Portable

The SKIP_TIMEDATESTAMP #pragma lets you skip the modification
of the TimeDateStamp PE field in the setup.exe 'stub loader'.

FEATURE : Installer: Add new /E1 and /E2 event logging mode command line
options to create an unique sbevents_GUID.txt logging file
name (/E1) or set the name of the event logging file
(/E2 "filename").

FEATURE : [SB#010171] Add "Cancel Wizard" option to the "Exit
Installation..." script function.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: The "Add Shared Resource..." script function supports the
'User Limit' option.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add TERMINAL_SERVER_AWARE #pragma to compile terminal
server-aware installation applications.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add SKIP_TIMEDATESTAMP #pragma to skip the modification
of the TimeDateStamp PE field in the setup.exe 'stub loader'.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Add /WCL command line switch to pass the parent
folder of web update clients to the web update installer

IMPROVEMENT: Add {IDEPLOY_CLI} pre-defined installer variable which holds
the name of the "IDEPLOY.CLI" web update properties file.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Add improved Regular Expression engine to power
the following "If..." and "ElseIf..." Condition Statements:
- Matches RegExp
- Does Not Match RegExp

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add improved Regular Expression engine to power the
following "#ifcompvar..." compiler directive Condition
- Matches RegExp
- Does Not Match RegExp

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add improved Regular Expression engine to power the
following "#ifconst..." compiler directive Condition
- Matches RegExp
- Does Not Match RegExp

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: The "Progress Dialog" runs on its own thread to
avoid possible dead-locks when launching external applications
with the "Wait for Program" option enabled.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Improvements in the internal variable handling
management to speed up variable value processing.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Compiler variables are supported in General Information
"Add/Remove Programs" now.

IMPROVEMENT: Installer: Add improved "screen buffering" to the Custom Dialog
Wizard management to reduce screen flickering.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#007151] IDE: Display '"Include Script" Compiler Variable
Configuration' information in the Script Editor.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Several minor compiler improvements.

FIX : [SB#007141] IDE: Possible line selection problem in the Script

FIX : [SB#007091] IDE: Line 17 in all created Uninstall Include
Scripts (.sbi) was an invalid line.

FIX : [SB#007092] IDE: Line 15 in all created standard Include
Scripts (.sbi) was an invalid line.

FIX : [SB#008271] Installer: Possible sporadic problems with the
threaded "Wait Dialog...".

FIX : [SB#009031] Installer: Under certain circumstances, Windows x64
did not replace locked-files in 64-bit specific folders.

FIX : [SB#009071] IDE: Possible "#code-sign application..." problem
when using multiple directives with wildcards.

FIX : Installer: Problem in the "Add/Remove Shared Resource..."
script function when the "Delete Shared Resource" operation or
a Share Type other than "STYPE_DISKTREE" was selected.

FIX : Installer: Possible "Map/Disconnect Mapped Drive..." script
function uninstall log issue.

FIX : [SB#009141] IDE: The "Perform Dynamic Scan" list came up black
on black.

FIX : Installer: If the installer was executed from an UNC path, the
built-in %SRCDRV% runtime variable hold an incorrect value.

FIX : IDE: CSIDL Folder Properties modifications caused corruption in
the folder item structure.

FIX : [SB#010131] Installer: Under certain circumstances, the
installer application caused a 'buffer overrun error'.

FIX : [SB#010191] IDE: When run with the command line compiler, the
#msgbox always appeared behind the compiler progress window.

FIX : [SB#007121] Installer: The "Matches RegExp" and "Does Not Match
RegExp" conditions in the "If Statement" resolved to an
incorrect value if the variable value was empty.

FIX : [SB#010261] IDE: The "Edit INI File..." script function caused
a "Runtime Error" in the compiler if the keyname value was
>512 bytes.

FIX : Uninstall: The "Edit INI File..." script function caused a
"Buffer Overrun Error" if the previous keyname value was
>512 bytes.

FIX : [SB#010281] Installer: The "Create Shortcut..." script function
returned an incorrect error code in %_SB_ERRORCODE%.

FIX : [SB#011101] IDE: Under certain circumstances, the compiler
crashed if write access to the target location was denied
during an .exe generation process an it left behind an .exe and
.lsp file.

FIX : [SB#011041] IDE: The 'Toggle to add Folder(s) and File(s)"
option (2nd button to recursively Add Folders and files) in the
"Files and Folders" Visualizer did not remember the global
"File Replacement" preference.

FIX : Installer: The "List Box" dialog caused a 'buffer overrun
error' if the list box data size was >1,024 bytes.

FIX : Installer: A Listbox control in a "Custom Wizard Dialog"
initialized its data twice.

CHANGE : All updated SetupBuilder system application files are code
signed with a new Comodo certificate now, valid until 09/2013.

CHANGE : IDE: It's not possible to use the pipe character (|) in Visual
Dialog Editor controls any longer.

CHANGE : IDE: The compiler can detect invalid .sbi include script files
(.sb7 project files renamed or saved to .sbi).

CHANGE : Installer: If a patch "apply" process fails, a patch specific
error code is displayed now.

CHANGE : IDE: "Add/Remove Shared Resource..." dialog modifications.

CHANGE : IDE: "Map/Disconnect Network Drive..." dialog modifications.

CHANGE : IDE: "Add/Remove Scheduled Task..." dialog modifications.

CHANGE : Installer: If a binary patch "apply" process fails and the
original file gets deleted, the file is restored if the
global file backup option is enabled.

CHANGE : IDE: Modifications in the internal thread communication
management to avoid possible dead-locks when opening and
closing projects.

CHANGE : IDE: A single $ character in a variable value does not slow
down the compilation process any longer.

CHANGE : IDE: The command line compiler waits for 75ms before returning
to the calling application.

CHANGE : Installer: The "Handle Text File Operation (Insert Line)"
script function does not create a temporary file if the "Line"
parameter is set to '0' to append a line to the end of an
existing file.

CHANGE : Installer: The "Handle Text File Operation (Get Line)" script
function reads the next line from a text file if the "Line"
parameter is set to '0' (and does not close the file). To
close the file after reading the next line, call the function
again and set "Line" to '-1'.

CHANGE : Installer: The application 'stub loader' automatically displays
a "This application has detected a CRC32 data integrity error
while extracting temporary runtime files. The most likely cause
for this error is a corrupt download." error message if the
runtime package is corrupt.

CHANGE : Installer: The 'Add/Remove Font' functions do not use the
SendMessage Windows API to notify other windows of the font
table change by sending a WM_FONTCHANGE message to all
top-level windows in the system. It uses the SendNotifyMessage
API now.

CHANGE : Installer: Modifications in the internal temporary runtime file

CHANGE : Installer: Modifications in the internal application startup
management. The installer displays its icon faster in the
Windows 7 taskbar now.

CHANGE : Installer: The installer does not display the 'Abort' dialog if
it receives a "close event". When using the Windows 7 Taskbar
"Close window" item to close the installer application, it does
not leave the 'Finish' dialog running in the background.

CHANGE : Installer: A Custom Wizard Dialog action does not reset focus
to the 'Next' wizard button.

CHANGE : Documentation (.chm and .pdf) is not available as packaged .ZIP
archives any longer. Documentation updates are deployed as
standard SetupBuilder .EXE files now.

CHANGE : Updated wupdate.exe (including wupdate.sb7) web update client.

CHANGE : Updated wucheck.exe (including wucheck.sb7) web update check

CHANGE : Updated online help.


The full history list can be obtained through the following link:

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