I've searched the forum and couldn't find what I was looking for.
My problem is running a MySQL script after the setup to create a database and the tables.
I tried it with the "run commandline" and the "run programm" function but none of them worked.
To execute the script I use mysql.exe with the parameters -u %USER% -p %PASSWORD% -h %SERVER% < "script.sql"
If I run this line directly into the cmd it works as expected and the database is created but not so out of the installer.

Can you give me a hint, what i'm doing wrong?
I use the SetupBuilder v7.1 Dev on WinXP
The command line string is "%_SB_INSTALLDIR%\MySQL\mysql.exe" -u %USER% --p %PASSWORD% -h %SERVER% < "%_SB_INSTALLDIR%\MySQL\CreateDatabase.sql".
I don't know what to do or what i could try.