Hi Friedrich,

I have a weird situation.

I have two demo programs. Identical except for installed exe etc.
Datafiles are put into CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA\Icetips Creative\Product

When I run the Magic Locks demo no problems. I can browse/update
files. When I run my Previewer demo, I get "Access denied, trying
read-only" on the tps file. Both apps use the same tps, but it's in
two separate folders. The ML demo is compiled local, the Previewer
demo is compiled standalone and DLLs are distributed.

Both exes have embedded manifests "asInvoker". Both are code signed.
Both installs require Administrator. I can't see what the difference
is... I'm running as administrator and the files are in the correct
place, C:\Users\Arnor... which is my admin account. The data is
there, I'm just getting this silly error message.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Arnór Baldvinsson
Icetips Creative, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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