[Tuesday, February 15, 2005 6:35 PM]

Hi Friedrich,

Yesterday I was installing 4 installs that make up a SQL project on a
client machine. I realized that the uninstall logs were all the same
name and since all installs installed into the same directory I was
only able to uninstall the last one installed. Fortunately I had set
a restore point before I started, so I just restored to that point and
it got rid of the installed stuff. It took me quite a while to find
where I could set the name of the uninstall and then to find where I
could set the name of the uninstall log file. I could only find it in
the script editor. These settings should IMO be on the Add/Remove tab
for the project. The uninstall.exe is on the product tab so at least
it can be found, but I could not find the log name setting anywhere
except in the script.

It also seems that even if the uninstall shortcut is used and it is
pointing to the right unintall log etc. the uninstall pops up the file
dialog to select the uninstall log. This could be very confusing for
end users if you have more than one install into the same directory.
In this case I have separate installs for Crystal Reports, SQL
Anywhere, the program itself and finally one for the CR report files.
The primary destination is all in the same directory so I got 4
installs all putting an uninst.log file in the directory. IMO, the
uninstall log should default to the [PRODUCTNAME].log and the
uninstall.exe should default to "Uninst"[PRODUCTNAME].exe when the
install is created. Maybe it does not, but this was created in build
around 970. These installs were compiled yesterday with build 1042.

Best regards,

Arnór Baldvinsson
Icetips Software
San Antonio, Texas, USA