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Thread: .Net 3.5 and SQL Server Express 3.5

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    Default .Net 3.5 and SQL Server Express 3.5

    I have seen a number of posts on this subject but most are from back in 2005.

    I have a Visual Studio 2008 app that needs:

    - .Net 3.5 Framework

    - SQL Server Express 2008

    From looking at Core PreRequisites I believe I can just check to use SQL Server 2008 Express (x86) and it will include that and install on both 32 and 64 bit machines.

    For .Net 3.5 I saw something about a 3.5 include script. Should I use that?

    Anyway just wondering what the "latest" advice is to install the above two prerequisites. Thanks.

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    Default Re: .Net 3.5 and SQL Server Express 3.5


    Because the .NET Framework 3.5 redistributable is a hefty 240 MB, I would not deploy it along with my setup.exe. What you can do us to make use of the small (2.8 MB) Microsoft web downloader that you can deploy with your install and then call it to download the package from the Microsoft site. But this might take some times (even hours, depending on the Internet speed).

    IMO, it's better to check for .NET 3.5 and if it is not available, open the download page from your installer so that users can download and install it.


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