Hi again,

Ok. It is working now partially.

I have a couple of requirements which might not be that easy to achieve....

1) I need to fill the "Location" field (which sets the working folder). The "Add Scheduled Task" function doesn't have an entry for this.

In my case this is important because the executable I want to run gathers information from other files on the startup folder (i.e. the folder where the executable is located at). If there is no startup folder, it looks for files on a windows folder.

2) The other problem I have is that I need to run the task at 10,12,2PM,4PM,6PM,8PM,9PM,10PM,11PM,12AM,1AM. Can this be done?

I tried adding the task repeatedly, each time with the next hour, but after the first task is added, all the next fail.

Sorry for all the trouble,