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Thread: FAQ: How to renew an expired Maintenance and Support Plan?

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    Default FAQ: How to renew an expired Maintenance and Support Plan?

    -- Expired SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Plan Information --

    Due to the pre-releases of Windows 10, we see developers with "long time expired" subscriptions wishing to come back to the "safe haven" of SetupBuilder.

    Please note that a "reactivation" is required in order to renew an expired SetupBuilder Maintenance and Support Plan!

    To request a quote please email -

    -- How does the SetupBuilder "upgrade insurance" work? --

    The initial purchase of a new SetupBuilder license includes a free Bronze (60-days), Silver (6-months) or Gold (1-year) Maintenance and Support Plan under which you are eligible for support, upgrades and updates. If you wish to continue your eligibility for these services, you must pay a renewal fee before or at the time of the expiration of your current Maintenance and Support Plan. The renewal of your annual Maintenance and Support Plan will extend (for another 12 months beyond the expiration date of your current plan) your eligibility for support, upgrades and updates.

    If you choose not to renew your Maintenance and Support Plan, you will be able to continue to use the versions, which were released prior to your plan expiration, but your license does not include future versions of the product.

    When a Maintenance and Support Plan expires, the plan enters a brief grace period. The option of renewing the Maintenance and Support Plan is available for 15 days (grace period) after your plan expires. If you forgot to renew your plan or you choose not to renew, you can purchase an update for your product when you feel the new features and fixes included in the update are worth paying for. This will "reactivate" your Maintenance and Support Plan and gives you access to support, upgrades and updates for another 12 months.

    If you have any questions, please contact

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