Hello All,

As promised, we have released "SetupBuilder 8 Developer Edition" Preview.
The login for the installation will be emailed to the address on file and
should arrive within the next 24 hours.

Note: The upcoming 8.0 Gold version (scheduled to be released in January
2013) will have some more new features, enhancements and fixes which are NOT
part of this Preview!

If you do not have an active SetupBuilder subscription plan, please contact
your account manager at sales@lindersoft.com.

SetupBuilder 8.0 Build 3908 (December 19, 2012)

FEATURE : Add support for the Windows 8 tile-based Start Screen. The "Not
pinned to the Win8 Start Screen" Shortcut option lets you
prevent the desktop app's tile from being automatically pinned
as a shortcut to the Start Screen when it is installed for the
first time.

FEATURE : Support an enhanced stub loader technology to ensure that the
SetupBuilder produced .EXE applications have been built in
compliance with Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle
(SDL) requirements and recommendations. The new stub loader is
compatible with the Windows Data Execution Prevention feature,
has Safe Exception Handlers and can be randomly rebased at
load time by using the address space layout randomization
(ASLR) feature of Windows Vista+. As a result, SetupBuilder 8
produced installation and uninstall files, the standard Web
Update clients and helper tools no longer give Windows 8
'Desktop App' Windows App Certification warnings. The loader
technology is backward compatible with Windows 9.x, NT4 and ME.

FEATURE : Add support for "Firewall with Advanced Security" on computers
that are running Windows Vista and later versions of Windows,
including Windows 8. On Vista and above, SetupBuilder can
support the three network location types: domain, public, and

FEATURE : IDE: Add a new "#config Win32 PE header..." compiler directive
that can help to make your own application Windows 8 compliant
and work around 'NXCheck', 'DBCheck' and 'SafeSEHCheck' check
BinScope Binary Analyzer errors. If you can't apply the
required SAFESEH, DYNAMICBASE, and NXCOMPAT options when you
compile and link your application or 3rd-party components
(because your compiler does not support it or you do not have
access to the 3rd-party source code) then you can try to work
around this with this new option (non-code-signed files only).

IMPROVEMENT: Add a "Destination Filename" entry option to the "Install
File(s)..." script function to specify the name the file will
have on the destination computer. wildcard characters, such as
"*", are not permitted.

IMPROVEMENT: Add HScroll and VScroll checkbox options to the Custom Dialog
'Edit' control. This lets you add a horizontal and/or vertical
scroll bar to the control.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "Save full path info" option to the "Zip File(s)..."
script function.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: Add "UAC Compliant" and "Per User" checkbox options to
the "#exe2msi..." compiler directive.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: All relevant internal functions recognize Windows 8.

IMPROVEMENT: IDE: "#pragma SETUPICON" can detect a missing or locked icon
source file.

IMPROVEMENT: Add "Archive Integrity Checking" technology to the "Custom (for
UAC-aware systems)" Media Type with single .bin volume.

IMPROVEMENT: [SB#2-11293] IDE: Add a "Resize" checkbox to the "Picture
Control Properties" (Dialog Editor). This lets Windows
dynamically resize the bitmap. Based on the selected DPI at
installer runtime, the bitmap is stretched or shrunk.

FIX : [SB#2-08201] IDE: Script Editor display issue in the "Handle
String Operation (Format Number)" script function.

FIX : [SB#2-08201] IDE: Script Editor display issue in the "Handle
String Operation (Count)" script function.

FIX : IDE: Entry field issue in the "Handle String Operation (Extract
Root Folder)" properties dialog.

FIX : IDE: Entry field issue in the "Handle String Operation (Reverse
String)" properties dialog.

FIX : Installer: Minor internal function prototype corrections.

FIX : [SB#2-11061] Installer: The "Download File (HTTP)..." script
function went into an endless loop when the "Target Folder" did
not exist. The function creates the target folder now. If this
fails, it returns error code 2381.

FIX : [SB#2-11281] IDE: Typo in the "Config ODBC Data Source..."
script function dialog box.

FIX : [SB#2-11291] IDE: Possible "disappearing control" issue in the
Custom Wizard Dialog Editor (caused by a bug in the re-size

FIX : [SB#2-11292] IDE: The "Resize" checkbox text in the Picture
Control Properties (Dialog Editor) was incorrect. Text changed
to "Hide".

FIX : IDE: Possible "Edit in Place" (EIP) issue in the "Registry

CHANGE : IDE: Revamped 'Pick' dialog.

CHANGE : IDE: Revamped 'About...' dialog.

CHANGE : Installer: Minor "event logging mode" modifications.

CHANGE : Installer: Error message box for "Can't create WDFrame" is not
displayed in silent mode any longer. The message box uses the
"MB_SETFOREGROUND | MB_TOPMOST" flags to try to bring it to the

CHANGE : [SB#2-11081] IDE: The "Select Text Resource" (a control that
accepts localizable text has a button beneath it labeled "ID=")
to insert a text resource into an entry field does not
overwrite clipboard data.

CHANGE : [SB#2-11071] Installer: When all defined wizard dialogs are set
to "hidden", the "Loop Wizard" Statement is skipped and no
longer displays an empty wizard.

CHANGE : [SB#2-11131] Installer: Permanent workaround for a Windows API
GetOpenFileName bug on 64-bit Vista and 64-bit Windows 2008
(confirmed by Microsoft) in the "Select File" wizard dialog.

CHANGE : Recompiled wupdate.exe Web Update client.

CHANGE : Recompiled wucheck.exe Web Update Check client.

CHANGE : Updated online help (CHM and PDF).

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