Like the product so far...
I am trying to create a custom dialog that displays a countdown timer and updates the progress control automatically. Similar to the example dialog8 in Custom Dialog Demo 1.sb8 except without the need to click something. The updating should happen similar to Dialog 1.sb8 in the examples. Additionally I need custom buttons to be displayed so the progress dialog is not sufficient since I cannot add buttons to the dialog.

So far, I can get it to update once, then not again after that. Is this even possible without some sort of user intervention?

What I am trying to do is create a popup that has a pre-determined lifetime, say 5 minutes, before the install cancels automatically when the timer runs out, unless the user clicks an Install button before the timer runs out. The progress bar showing the time elapsed is ideal for what we need, or even a countdown time, "you have **.** minutes left before exit..."

Again, is this even possible to do? Any advice or hints would be a great help!

Thank you