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Thread: FAQ: Application shortcuts in Windows 8.1

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    Default FAQ: Application shortcuts in Windows 8.1

    FAQ: Application shortcuts in Windows 8.1

    As you probably already know, Windows 8.1 made a change for RTM where newly
    installed applications' shortcuts are NOT immediately visible on the Start
    menu. They are still installed and indexed, but you need to either swipe
    down on your touch screen or click the down arrow as shown below. New apps
    will be flagged with a "New" badge until you've run them. The main tiled
    Start Screen is now a customized favorites panel instead of being the sole
    launch menu.

    This behavior is the same for ALL applications, putting you in control of
    what gets posted to your Start menu.

    Please note: this new behavior is NOT a SetupBuilder limitation! It's a
    permanent change in the Windows 8.1 operating system. There is no way for
    the app to programmatically pin itself to the Start Screen. From now on,
    the Start Screen is purely the user's territory. Even the brand new Visual
    Studio 2013 can't pin itself in Windows 8.1. You can't make tiles appear on
    Start Screen automatically like it did before in Windows 8.0!

    You should update your documentation because many users have no idea where
    to find their new apps nor how to pin them to the Windows 8.1 Start Screen
    or Taskbar. This is how to do it: Install an app, and then access the Apps
    view below the Start screen by swiping up from the bottom of the touch
    screen. If you have a mouse, click or tap the lower left corner of the
    Start screen. Once the Apps view shows up, you'll see all your new apps.
    You can then use Search in the right corner of the Apps view to finely
    search, or you can sort the Apps view by Recently installed. Once you've
    selected an app, choose Pin to Start screen or Taskbar from the app bar
    that'll appear.

    Welcome to the new Windows 8.1 world...

    Friedrich Linder

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