Probably the same problem we discussed earlier this month (3 March?).
My installation appears to install without problem, but when I run the app it gives an error -- due to a DLL not being registered. (SB8 should register it).

If I manually register it using cmd box, regsvr32.exe ..... this succeeds (if I run it in elevated mode). And after that my app runs perfectly.

This installation gets shipped out to lots of people. About 1% seem to report this problem. Usually if they just repeat the installation a few times it does eventually work.

I'm thinking of supplying a batch file with the program for people to use to register the DLL after installation (no, only joking -- but that does seem a solution :-).

Any ideas??? SB8 attempts to register the DLL and (presumably) does not know it has failed. I do have a PC here where this occurs, so I can test anything you suggest.