[Friday, March 25, 2005 1:00 AM]

Hi Friedrich,

When working in the registry editor, there is a number of improvements
that would be very, very handy to have.

1. Left/Right arrow keys to switch between left and right panes.

2. Enter key in left pane to open the Rename field.

3. Insert/Delete keys in left pane to activate Add/Remove

4. Enter key in right pane to open the "Edit Registry Data" window

5. Insert key to create a new value - should open the popup menu that
the mouse activates to select which data type to create.

6. Delete key to remove a value

7. Option to open the Value name edit box in the "Edit Registry Data"
window, so both the value name and the value data can be changed.

As it is, this is a painful experience is you need to add several
keys, since the import doesn't work. I do remember getting the import
to work quite a few builds ago, but in 1078 it's completely dead.

Best regards,

Arnór Baldvinsson
Icetips Software
San Antonio, Texas, USA