Hi Friedrich,

Feature request here, unless you already have a way to do it...

Background: In our programs we force a specific folder name for the program installation to ensure that it is installed in its own location (our programs are tax/year specific and cannot be installed over prior year versions like more generic programs.) We always provide the desired path/folder structure as the default SB install dir.

In the built-in 'Select Install Folder' dialog, you have an option to append a specified folder to the selected path. That works great if you use the browse button, but if you simply type something into the entry control, nothing is appended and we could up in an undesired folder.

I know I can trap for that in the script, but it would be a lot more convenient if the dialog either:
a) always checked to see if it should append when the dialog is completed or
b) had an option to disable the entry control so that the user always uses the browse button, which would append it correctly.

Option B would work fine for us and seems pretty simple to add (haha -- I love saying that to other programmers!)