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    > Do have some examples of this usage? Where in the script should this
    > occur?

    Good question

    The "Verify Trust [Code-signature]" script function lets you retrieve the
    code-sign status of a file. The function can ensure that a binary is signed
    by some key that is part of Microsoft's chain of trust. I would suggest to
    add the "Verify Trust [Code-Signature]" check at the beginning of the setup
    script. See attached signature1.png and signature2.png. If the signature
    is invalid, the installer will terminate.

    The powerful "Get Trust [Code-signature]" function lets you perform the
    Authenticode verification AND retrieve code-signing certificate specific
    information. This function can ensure that an (update) install image was
    signed by your private key (e.g. based on the serial number or the
    code-signing certificate issuer name). This function allows you build a
    customized wupdate.exe (or wucheck.exe) and check whether a downloaded web
    update installer package is code-signed with a specific code-signing
    certificate before the update process begins. Or you can display the issuer
    name and let the user decide what to do, etc. See signature3.png. BTW, we
    have developed this function for the U.S. Government (to handle ultra secure
    updates) -- that's why it is a bit undocumented, but fully functional <g>.
    Yes, I can tell you for which U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, but
    then I'd have to kill you <g>

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