I have a script which compiles fine in SB7 but gives me 'syntax error' in SB8.

The offending line is generated using the Registry Visualiser. I want to set the default key within

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\quadvent.document\shell\open \command\

to a value

"%_SB_INSTALLDIR%\quadvent.exe" "%1"

SB8 generates the lines to ensure that each key is present and then on compiling the final line which should set the value, I get "error GEN1077 : syntax error (3)"

As I say, it works fine in sb7. Any ideas what's wrong?

[Back story: I've been working part time from home for a government department, essentially as a consultant, for 17 years. This has included developing software and installers. This year the bureaucracy has demanded that I work on government in-house computer systems using their software. Therefore, anticipating that I would need it, earlier this year I persuaded them to buy SetupBuilder for my use, and now I have come to use it. The script I developed with my own copy of SetupBuilder 7 causes the above problem when I try to compile it with my employer's copy of SetupBuilder 8.]