I have used SB for a long time.

First time I have seen an error 52 bad file or name.

Machine is Windows 7 Pro.

The PATH in the popup on client computer says //server01 but that server was retired and replaced with //svr2014

I used regedit to search the registry and could not find anything.

The install path of the software is to the C: drive.

My only guess is that the installer is looking for an old version of the software to Update and gets the path and that path somehow is related to //server01

I searched registry for the UpgradeGUID in the installer as well and couldn't find it.

The tech guy who set up the new server is clearly not too bright because there are tons of references to server01 still on the computer even though it no longer exists.

Has anyone seen this error? My client cannot install my app or even re-install it because of this error.